Arcadia Power Review

Want clean, green energy for free? We will show you exactly how you can go clean energy with no installation cost in our Arcadia Power review.

Arcadia Power Review 2022: Go Clean Energy & No Installation Needed

Have you ever wondered how much of your electricity comes from dirty sources and how much from clean ones?

Electricity can be generated from coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind turbines, solar, geothermal and some other sources. However, not all of them are clean, as you might already know.

Once electricity is generated and injected into the national power grid, there is no difference between clean or “dirty” electricity, unless someone certifies its origin.

That mix of clean and fossil sourced electricity is called Grey Electricity.

Within that Grey Electricity mix in the US, only 17% comes from renewables. 7% of the total corresponds to hydropower and 10% to other non-hydro sources, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Want to step out of that Grey Electricity scenario?

Then let Arcadia Power to come up and light the way for you.

Let us walk you through this Arcadia Power overview.

Arcadia Power steps in that Grey Electricity scenario and wants you to care about where your power comes from. They are here to sweep the dirt off your electricity bill and exchange it for clean energy without too much hassle.

They make “clean energy an easy choice”, as they say.

We will review Arcadia Power offerings to see how easy they make that transition for you.

What is Arcadia Power?

Arcadia Power is a company that truly wants you to support clean energy generation. That is their business.

Arcadia achieves that by getting between your electricity supplier and you to assure at least 50% of your power coming from green sources.


They get you clean energy by connecting you to local solar or wind projects in the area.

In so doing, they purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from clean power generators on your behalf.

We will get to RECs shortly.

If you are thinking this will cost you a fortune, surprisingly, it will not.

The Arcadia service does not necessarily mean you will pay more for electricity. Part of their business includes negotiating lower electricity rates in the market, granting you savings in your power bill.

We will explain it all better throughout this Arcadia Power review.

First, let’s talk about RECs.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

You might wonder what RECs are and why you should care about them.

Say, you want to power your home with green electricity, but do not have the means or space to set a PV array or small wind turbine on your roof.

Then, RECs are the way to guarantee that the electricity you get from the grid comes from green sources.

Renewable Energy Certificates can also be called:

  • Green Tags
  • Tradable Renewable Certificates
  • Renewable Electricity Certificates
  • Renewable Energy Credits

Every time a company injects renewable energy into the grid, they get a Renewable Energy Certificate that endorses the carrier as the owner of one MWh of cleanly generated electricity.

The image below explains it better.

Clean Nation REC How it works

Concretely, RECs are market-based tools that embody property rights to the environmental, social and other non-power traits of renewable electricity generation.

So, if you want to support the renewable energy market but can’t generate your own, RECs have your back.

Important to note that RECs are only issued once the electricity is fed into the grid, not before.

They can be sold on the open market as energy commodities.

Then, once a wind turbine generates 1 MWh of power, the owner generates a REC. That certificate they can keep or sell in the market.

Every REC is uniquely identified with a number that can be tracked.

Imagine RECs like banking transactions. They hold a number through which they are identified within the system.

No other transaction has the same number, right? It is the same with RECs.

Once a REC is sold, it is withdrawn from the holding system. This means that it cannot be used again by another owner or someone else. They only certify the original buyer for their use of green energy.

It is important to buy RECs that are verified and certified by competing entities. This ensures that your clean electricity was produced by a quality renewable resource and what you are buying was produced in reality. This is why RECs are so important.

If you claim that your home or business runs on clean energy, only a certified REC can prove that.

RECs are the currency of the Renewable Energy market, allowing people and organizations to select cleaner sources of energy and reduce their carbon footprints.

How does Arcadia Power work?

To access their service, you must link your utility account to Arcadia Power. Once that’s done, Arcadia will receive your bill from the electric utility company and pay it for you.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to change your electricity supplying company. You are just getting an intermediary that will inject clean energy into your consumption.

Also, you will still get your monthly statement via e-mail. And it is also possible to access it through your Arcadia Power account, where it is also available to download.

Your power bill with Arcadia will look something like this

Arcadia Statement Summary

Below the Statement Summary, the Bill Summary is shown. It includes the amount of clean energy you purchased.

Arcadia’s business consists of buying clean energy from renewable energy companies, mostly wind and solar, to get it to you. Once they buy that energy, they collect certified RECs, which state that your purchased energy comes from clean and renewable resources.

Arcadia also warns you about money-saving energy opportunities within the power market. This means that going for their service guarantees that, apart from buying clean and certified energy, you might also be saving money.

How so?

Their specialists continuously track the market and negotiate lower electricity rates, so you can save on your bill.

Power Price - Arcadia Power

Getting the Arcadia Power Service

It is a very simple thing to do.

First, go to the Arcadia Power website and get a free account. All you need is to enter your ZIP code to see if they can partner with utilities in your area.

By only signing up, you already get a $20 bonus.

Once that is done you get to choose between two plans.

  • The FREE plan: includes a share of 50% renewable energy and you pay nothing for it. Yes, nothing, zero.
  • The Premium plan: guarantees 100% clean energy delivered to you along with the chance to get extra discounts and accessing special rates by joining the Arcadia Community Solar. You will find out more about that later.
Premium Pricing Arcadia Power

After choosing how green you want to get, it is time to link your current electric utility account with Arcadia Power.

Note: If you use my link, you will get a $20 credit simply for linking your electricity bill.

It is as easy as entering your utility login information to connect your account to Arcadia Power.

Don’t get the idea you will get a call from your provider to ask questions of why you are using Arcadia instead of dealing with them directly. Not at all.

It is rather like letting Arcadia do all the work for you. Instead of you directly paying your bill, they do it for you, but now, at least half of your energy consumption will come from renewables.

Although we strongly encourage you to go 100% renewable.

Imagine this whole picture like buying a house.

You can go and search on your own for the house of your dreams in the newspapers or around the neighborhood, or you can hire a realtor who does all the work for you.

That realtor guarantees that you will get that house, negotiates the price to get a better deal and takes care of the paperwork.

Same story here. Arcadia is that real estate agent that does it all for you to get clean energy. They guarantee that a share of the energy mix, or the whole electricity pie powering your home comes from clean and local sources.

Once that is done, you are all set.

You will be contributing to a greener and cleaner planet without going bankrupt.

How does the Arcadia Power Service work?

Their business consists of getting in the middle between you and your electricity supplier and do the work. You will now pay your electricity bill to Arcadia, and they will pay to your electric utility company.

If you are still not clear about how can this possibly work, here is a video made by Arcadia that explains it better.

Arcadia integrates its platform with that of your utility to monitor your energy consumption and generate a bill.

Once they know how much energy you use, they match it with RECs to bring certified, clean, locally produced, green energy running through your cables.

You might wonder, if they are getting in the middle, what do they get?

How does Arcadia make money?

Well, you read before that they offer two different packages, a free one (50% clean energy) and a premium plan (100% renewable energy). The premium plan, as any other premium service in the world, is paid.

But it won’t cost you a kidney either.

The premium plan will only cost you around $5 or $10 extra per month for an average house.

They also make money by earning a commission on the purchase of the RECs through your connection into the local Arcadia Power Community.

Moreover, they partner with solar developers to connect Arcadia community members to solar projects in the area, and they make money out of it as well.

It works like this:

Solar projects produce energy that utilities buy in exchange for saving credits. Those savings are distributed between Arcadia community members and Arcadia the company.

Community members lower their power bill around 10% as a result of the alliance and Arcadia also receives a share for connecting its users.

Community Solar - Arcadia Power

They also promote other businesses’ products, which gives them another slice of the money.

Did you hear about that offer through which you get a free Google Home Mini if you signed-up for any of their services?

No? Well, keep an eye on them.

Arcadia Power Pros and Cons Analysis

Time to get objective about Arcadia and review their positive and not so positive features.

Pros of Using Arcadia Power

Price Alerts

Remember how we mentioned that you get notifications for lower energy prices? Well, that is one of Arcadia’s positive features. Price alerts allow you to cut some bucks off your energy bill. If that is not enough motivation to swap your dirty energy bill for a cleaner one, then what is?

They check your local energy market to find the lowest rates. Once they hit the spot, you will get a notification by e-mail.

Arcadia claims that smart rates saves households on average of 20% on energy supply contracts. Sadly, this feature only works for states with deregulated energy laws.

The Dashboard

The free plan allows you to access Arcadia Power’s dashboard and some other services shown above.

Let us tell you more about this Arcadia dashboard.

Arcadia’s utility dashboard allows you to visualize your local energy options, which is not a common feature on most utility companies. It also reflects your energy usage, allowing you to keep up with updates and in control of your utility.

Energy Usage - Arcadia Power

The dashboard also allows you to visualize where your energy is coming from and your impact on the environment.

Arcadia Power

Easy transition

Another advantage is that Arcadia Power incentivizes you to go green and support renewable energy without the necessity of going for intensive research on prices, comparisons, companies, etc.

They do it all for you.

Free cancellation

Arcadia Power lets you cancel your subscription at any time for free. There are no 100 pages of long contracts and no mandatory agreements.

But please, if you already started to support renewables, do not head back! Future generations and the planet will thank you.

Try for free with the Free Plan

In case you are not so sure whether to go for their service or not, they offer you a free plan.

So, you get the chance to know the company better before stepping up and going for their premium plan and powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

Cons on Using Arcadia Power

Might get pricey

If you dig deeper into Arcadia Power plans and tariffs, you might find that the premium plan might result in a more expensive deal. Of course, it is all sensitive to your location and your needs.

Yet be aware that you will pay around 1.5 cents more per kWh.

But it is 100% certified renewable and clean energy that you are getting for that price.

Not ubiquitous

Also, Arcadia is not available everywhere. Do not blame it on the company.

Given that green electricity is still regulated in some states, local regulations might keep you from qualifying for the energy plan you desire.

Few paying options

To pay for their service you can either choose a bank withdrawal or by credit card. Bear in mind that Arcadia Power only takes AutoPay, as the only billing option.

They do allow you to delay your payment, but only for three days, that’s it.


Understand that, businesses depend on their products. In this case, their most expensive product, which is the premium plan. So, you might find that they will induce you to go for the premium plan instead of the free one.

It is understandable, right?

Besides, we all want to support renewable projects growth to clean up our planet.

Do not let that 1.5 cent/ kWh to keep you from switching to a greener home.

Is Arcadia Power legit? Let’s look at the reviews

Yes, they are 100% aligned with the rules to power your home on clean energy. Both of their plans, free and premium, play inside legitimate boundaries.

You will not get a call from your provider asking you to quit on Arcadia due to legal issues. That is completely off the table.

Arcadia Power’s review on the TrustPilot website shows a company’s score of 4.7/5. These reviews are an awesome indicator of continued focus on customer service and responsiveness.

Arcadia Power Reviews

Conclusion on Arcadia Power Review

Arcadia Power is a great option for anyone looking to get about their electric bill. You save money on electricity and shift to greener, cleaner energy. It’s a win-win situation.

We believe that solar and clean energy needs to be adopted to help us combat the impact fossil fuel energy is currently producing on our environment.

Well, was this Arcadia Power overview enough to convince you to go greener? We hope so.

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