Become a Blog Contributor

Green Coast, as a renewable energy and green living blog, is always looking to work with talented writers. We are looking to work with inspired writers working to help increase awareness of our environment.

Blog contribution is an excellent way to get connected and involved in our renewable energy and green living community. We are always looking for unique and relevant content that will enrich and inspire our readers!

Becoming a regular contributor on Green Coast is a great way to expand your portfolio and reach within your own personal writing goals.

If you are looking at writing a guest post on a one-off basis, please review our guest posting requirements in advance.

The other option is for you to become a regular traffic generator and learner on the Green Coast website and community. This would mean that you would be a regular contributor on the site and have your own author profile within our site.

We believe that spreading the word on renewable energy and green living will take an army of people. We want to see our earth and environment flourish. Therefore, we are looking for regular blog contribution in the following topics:

If interested, please read our general requirements for becoming a regular contributor.

General Requirements

The general requirements for you to become a contributor to Green Coast is as follows:

  • You’d be responsible for contributing one blog post per month surrounding our topics mentioned above
  • Maintain an active blog revolving at least one of our core topics
  • Excellent content creator and writer
  • Motivated to spread the word of renewable energy, green living and sustainability
  • Great attention to detail
  • Enjoys learning the ins and outs of blogging

Why Be a Green Coast Contributor?

Green Coast is a fast-growing blog about green living, sustainability and renewable energy. The experience and exposure you receive personally benefit your blog and personal brand.

Here are some benefits of becoming a contributor:

  • Green Coast authors will receive a byline for each written post, as well as a place on our about page devoted to introducing authors to readers.
  • Money money! As a Green Coast Contributor you are required to commit to one quarter as an author in our Community (3 mths). You will be required to write one post per month, and for each successfully completed and published post you will receive $30.
  • Networking! Being a Green Coast author will give you a fantabulous opportunity to network with fellow bloggers and an incredible editorial staff. One thing that I learned when blogging is how important it is to build your brand and meet new people in your industry.
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