Best Electricity Providers in Texas (Including Rates) – 2021

Finding the best electricity providers in Texas can be a challenge. We’ve provided a thorough list of the best options to consider.

Best Electricity Providers in Texas (Including Rates) – 2021

These are some of the best electricity providers in Texas. We’ve included a full guide to the top options as well as the associated electricity rates with each provider.

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Top Provider to Choose in Texas

Direct Energy Logo

Our pick for the best provider for electricity in Texas is Direct Energy. Direct Energy offers the most competitive rates, flexible plans and more.

The following are the different Direct Energy plans that you can choose from.

  • Variable-rate Plans— This plan offers much better flexibility when it comes to paying a variable rate from month to month. A variable-rate plan doesn’t require a long-term contract. In case of a significant increase in the rate of energy, the company will notify its consumers in advance.
  • Fixed-rate Plans—Direct Energy also offers its Price Protection Plans. It allows the customers to enjoy a fixed rate for two full years. This makes the Direct Energy Pay bill more predictable.
  • Green or Renewable Energy Plans—These plans offer 100% renewable energy, which protects the customers from irregular price hikes.
  • Prepaid Plans: This plan allows the consumer to pay in advance for electricity. The details about energy usage and account balance are provided to the customer on a daily basis. To get this plan, the provision of deposit or credit check is not necessary.

You can select a prepaid electricity plan or pay as you go. Direct Energy’s electricity rates are some of the most competitive in the state and you won’t have to spare anything as a result of that.

In addition, Direct Energy provides HVAC installation and maintenance services at competitive rates.