Direct Energy Review

Most people don’t know about Direct Energy and how they can save you money. Our Direct Energy review highlights everything you need to know about this energy provider.

Direct Energy Review: A Low-Cost Energy Provider

According to some estimates, nearly six million people living in North America and across Canada have turned to Direct Energy for their energy needs.

Apart from providing electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers, Direct Energy also offers home energy services and solutions to make your home more energy-efficient.

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What is Direct Energy

Before providing a comprehensive Direct Energy review, it is essential to explain what exactly this company does. To start with, Direct Energy is a company that fulfills almost all types of energy requirements. It can source, generate, and supply the required amount of energy to meet the prevailing and future needs of the consumers.

This company has a variety of brands, which work in collaboration to save you a lot of money by minimizing energy loss. The use of latest technology and ability to provide a continuous supply of electricity or natural gas, are some of the basic advantages of this company.

In addition, Direct Energy offers maintenance services to enhance the efficiency of heating and air conditioning. This company also provides technical assistance to handle the plumbing and electric lines issues.

So Direct Energy isn’t just an energy company, it offers almost every service that can make your home or office more energy efficient.

Direct Energy - Location of Operations
Operations Map

From the above map, you can see that Direct Energy has a significant reach of service offerings.

Direct Energy Plans

Direct Energy gives its customers the freedom to take control of their energy needs by monitoring consumption through an online tracking system. The option of green energy resources is also available for eco-friendly users.

Moreover, due to its partnership with other reliable energy companies, Direct Energy offers customized energy plans and services to fit the needs of almost every customer.

The following are the different Direct Energy plans that you can choose from.

  • Variable-rate Plans— This plan offers much better flexibility when it comes to paying a variable rate from month to month. A variable-rate plan doesn’t require a long-term contract. In case of a significant increase in the rate of energy, the company will notify its consumers in advance.
  • Fixed-rate Plans—Direct Energy also offers its Price Protection Plans. It allows the customers to enjoy a fixed rate for two full years. This makes the Direct Energy Pay bill more predictable.
  • Green or Renewable Energy Plans—These plans offer 100% renewable energy, which protects the customers from irregular price hikes. Read more about renewable energy in our blog.
  • Prepaid Plans: This plan allows the consumer to pay in advance for electricity. The details about energy usage and account balance are provided to the customer on a daily basis. To get this plan, the provision of deposit or credit cheque is not necessary.

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Direct Energy Customer Service

Direct Energy isn’t just a supplier of electricity and natural gas, it tends to serve in all areas associated with energy conservation and utilization. The provider helps its consumers while managing their energy and heating bills.

Some of the customer services include the installation of smart thermostats and HVAC. Maintenance of these heating and cooling devices is also offered through Direct Energy customer service.

Besides, this company assists its customers when it comes to:

  • Energy management,
  • Energy audits,
  • Water heater maintenance, and
  • Installation of solar panels.

Each of the Direct Energy customers can access his/her personalized accounts through the official website of Direct Energy. Through these accounts, customers can pay their bills, choose plans and store their details.

However, to discuss more specific issues, consumers can contact the 24/7 customer care service.

Energy Bundles

An energy bundle gives an opportunity to enjoy the convenience of getting the different energy sources from just one provider.  For example, buying electricity and gas form a single company amounts to energy bundling.

Whether it is beneficial for you to take the Direct Energy bundle or not— you can make such a decision by taking into account the amount of energy you consume.

Moreover, it is not only about money but also includes the aspects of personal organization and convenience.

It’s up to you whether you prefer convenience over the lowest monthly bills when opting for an energy provider. In most of the cases, taking a bundle of both electricity and gas is advantageous in terms of offering the facility to pay the Direct Energy Pay Bill without any hassle.

In this Direct Energy Review, we will also discuss the Pros and Cons of using the services of this energy provider.

Direct Energy Pros

These are some of the important advantages of Direct Energy.

  • Direct Energy provides energy plans, which meet the need of its customers. It is possible to take an energy bundle or just buy a single type of energy through the provider.
  • When taking energy bundles, the customers can enjoy a wide range of promotional benefits such as lower rates and free energy days. These promotions and discounts can help the consumer to save a considerable amount of money on monthly bills.
  • Direct Energy allows its consumers to take control of their energy bills. They can monitor any surge in the consumption of electricity or gas during any time of the month. This helps them to minimize the energy cost by lowering the dependence on one type of energy source
  • The maintenance and installation services are some of the additional perks. These services are available at competitive rates and all the installation or maintenance work is done under the strict supervision of expert technicians
  • By taking the prepaid plan, a customer can take away all the worries associated with energy bills. By paying in advance helps the customers to monitor the electricity consumption on a daily basis by receiving a message about daily usage.
  • It helps the customers to save a lot of time when paying bills or contacting the Direct Energy customer service through the online portal of this provider. It allows recharging your plan or helps to switch to another one through the customer’s account.

Direct Energy Cons

These are some of the important disadvantages of Direct Energy.

  • Since the Provider takes energy from the local utility, the consumers need to contact the service center of their state’s utility in terms of a power outage. This means that contacting the customer services of Direct Energy won’t serve the purpose.
  • By taking the energy bundle, the consumer may end up paying the bills of both the electricity and gas at relatively higher rates. This is so, as the consumption can increase if you are not monitoring each energy source independently.

Things to Consider When Buying Energy for Your Business

At present, the economic climate is quite unpredictable. Hence, organizations are looking for some viable ways to cut their energy bills. Almost two decades ago, the local utility was the only option for buying electricity and natural gas. The consumers were forced to buy energy through this source, irrespective of the excessive bills and taxations.

However, things have changed a lot as due to the deregulation of the energy industry, different U.S. states and Canadian provinces helped different energy market structures to develop. This promoted electricity and natural gas retail competition.

As a result, companies offer different discounts and coupons to attract the attention of their consumers.

Moreover, consumer rights are now protected, giving them the authority to pay only for the energy they have consumed. If you want to buy energy from an independent supplier like Direct Energy, you have to consider these following aspects.

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  • You Must Know What Type of Energy you Need

While shopping for an energy supplier, the first step is to determine what type of energy will meet your needs. The providers like Direct Energy offers natural gas, electricity or a combination of both. If you want to engage a supplier with multiple energy options, it would be better for saving a considerable amount and streamlining energy management.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the reliance on renewable sources. If your business promotes renewable energy sources, you must settle for a company that provides electricity generated through the wind, solar or geothermal resources. In this way, you will be in a position to show your commitment to the environment.

  • How Much Energy You or Your Business Consumes

Usually, when calculating the energy prices, suppliers may take into account the historical/previous usage of a residential or commercial customer. Hence, in most cases, the energy provider assumes that you may likely to continue using the same amount of energy as you had consumed in the previous year.

Therefore, when buying the energy bundle from a supplier, make sure to get a correct usage estimation.

Especially when you are expecting a fluctuation in your usage, knowing the estimated amount of consumption can lower the energy rate.

A few providers charge much higher rates in case your usage fluctuates a lot. They usually charge you for the financial responsibility in case your usage exceeds the settled amount.

If you are experiencing fluctuations, it would be better to opt for the unlimited bandwidth that offers fixed-price plans to take care of fluctuations.

  • Analyze the Risk Appetite

By knowing and understanding the energy consumption needs you can define the most essential factor known as ‘risk tolerance’.  The risk appetite of your business may assist you to know how much energy it can use. This relates to your decision about the price of energy that you want to lock or for what period you need to lock-in a price.

For instance, if the business offers a higher tolerance for risk, you can choose the variable-rate plans to take advantage of sustained lows and market dips.

On the contrary, if the business is showing a lower tolerance for risk, the fixed-rate plan would be a nice fit.

In addition, as a consumer, you can also obtain a combination of price plans, which is the hybrid of variable and fixed-rate plans. This helps to follow a blended approach to the risk-cost strategy.

What Are Your Business Objectives

Apart from knowing what is essential for your business, you must also take into account the energy requirements of your business. Moreover, you need to know the objectives of your business to identify true energy needs. Hence, you need to decide the priorities of your business. These may include:

  • Try to maintain the price stability
  • Continue to stay on budget and meet all the financial requirements
  • Keep the production cost to its minimum

You must try to set benchmarks, which describe how you can control energy consumption. Meanwhile, if you are successful in getting competitive rates, it would help you to minimize the production cost.

Things to Consider When Buying Energy for Your Home

When buying energy for your home, it would be better to consider these following aspects.

  • Identify the energy needs of your house
  • Look for a provider that offers energy bundles at discounted rates
  • You can contact the customer services at any time of the day or night
  • The services provided by the supplier shouldn’t be limited to the supply of electricity. The company must provide other maintenance and installation services related to HVAC or other equipment

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Conclusion on Direct Energy Review

After taking a look at this Direct Energy review, one can easily ascertain that the provider is offering almost every facility to meet the needs of its customers. For instance, if a consumer needs plumbing or electrification services, Direct Energy offers the expertise of its trained technicians. Similarly, they also provide HVAC installation and maintenance services at competitive rates.

Besides, taking the advantage of energy bundle is a great idea. It allows consumers to take advantage of different discounts and coupons by taking an energy bundle. Direct Energy also offers this kind of promotional benefits to the customers, if they take energy bundles.

It also helps to facilitate the payment of energy bills as you will receive them collectively when using a bundle.

However, when buying any kind of plan through Direct Energy, the consumer must take into account his/her energy needs. If the customer consumes a large amount of energy, it would be better to take fixed-rate plans.

With this, we hope that this Direct Energy review would provide an ample amount of information to the readers. Also, it will help you to choose a suitable energy provider, which is capable of meeting their needs.

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