Instapark Solar Panel Review

In our Instapark solar panel review, we cover a number of different topic products and pricing options. Our review includes a full buying guide for solar panels.

Instapark Solar Panel Review 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide Included]

Instapark is a well-known company offering a variety of solar panels. These panels are durable, efficient and provide consistent energy for a longer period. This company uses mono-crystalline technology, which ensures maximum efficiency. Therefore, Instapark solar panels are of the highest quality.

Normally, Mono-crystalline solar panels can last for 25 years. In addition, the Instapark solar charge controller helps to secure the charging process. A charge controller collects the current and conditions it for safe charging.

You can choose a suitable Instapark solar panel from a variety of available options. The major difference is of watts, you can buy one that can meet your needs.

The options start at 5 watts and go up to 180 watts. Every Instapark solar panel model has its own purpose.

You can move behind the meter by using solar panels for your home. Reduce your reliance on the grid.

List of Top Instapark Solar Panel Products

Here are our top Instapark solar panels for purchase online. These are listed in no particular order.

1. Instapark SP Series Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Charge Controller Included, 30 Watts

Diesel generators turn out to be a costly option. People also avoid them due to noise and pollution. Whereas, the Instapark SP Series Mono-crystalline helps to generate clean and free energy.

You can convert solar energy into electricity in an environment-friendly way. This 30 watts mono-crystalline solar panel comes with an Instapark solar charge controller.

The material of this panel is strong and lightweight. It has highly efficient solar cells made up of Mono-crystalline. The cells seek protection through a transparent vinyl acetate and tempered glass. Hence, you don’t need to worry about maintenance. This solar panel is durable and sturdy, ideal to bear extreme weather conditions.

Amorphous panels can last only for 5-7 years. But solar panels made up of mono-crystalline can serve continuously for up to 25 years. These panels can perform well irrespective of their size. In fact, even the smaller Instapark solar panels can offer high wattage.

This Instapark solar power generating panel can easily charge your back-up power system. So, it can serve the purpose well to provide electricity during power outages. This solar panel is ideal for RVs, marine boats, ATV, and other electronic equipment. Instapark solar charge controller prevents your batteries from overcharging.

Apart from other applications, this solar panel can also reduce your energy bills. This is so, as by using solar power, you can lower your dependence on the main electrical grid. The specifications suggest that it has the power to charge 12-Volt batteries. You can store the required power and use it whenever needed.

Each of the Instapark solar panels offers a 5-year limited product warranty. It covers any defect in the material of the panel’s photovoltaic modules.

Besides, a power warranty of 25 years is also available, which guarantees that you get at least 80% of the peak power.


  • Max power output 30 watts
  • Mono-crystalline solar cells for enhanced conversion
  • Comes with a solar charge controller
  • Easy to install
  • 25-years power warranty
  • Ideal for the off-grid solar power system, RVs, cottages, and yachts

2. Instapark SP Series Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel (Charge Controller Included, 20 Watts)

The Instapark SP-20W solar panel is a viable option. Especially, when you need an alternate energy source to run your home appliances.

You can avail clean, free and reliable energy without any extra expenditure. This panel comprises of mono-crystalline solar cells. It ensures that you continue to get maximum power and that too for a longer period.You can rely on the efficiency of this solar panel. It is a viable alternative to other conventional power sources. For the protection of solar cells, Instapark uses transparent vinyl acetate. The outer surface seeks protection from a sturdy tempered glass covering.

These are the maintenance-free panels. Hence, you can use them without bearing any additional expenses. This is the reason, why they are best for commercial as well as residential use. The mono-crystalline solar panels are capable of sustaining 80% of their efficiency.

This means that these panels can continue to perform for a much longer period. These Instapark solar panels also allow you to cut your electricity cost. In the meanwhile, you continue to get an uninterrupted power supply to feed your home.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Max power output20W
  • Simple installation process—just Follow the instructions
  • Efficient and maintenance-free operation
  • 25-year power output and 5-year material/workmanship warranty
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Solar charge controller included
  • Constructed with photovoltaic and mono-crystalline solar cells

3. Instapark 10 Watt Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger With Dual USB Ports For iPhone, iPad & All Other USB Compatible Devices

The Instapark 10 watts solar panel is capable of outperforming its competitors. This solar panel is a portable and foldable option for charging Smartphone batteries.

It has all the essential features that can make any solar panel reliable and efficient. The innovative design and lightweight construction make it the ideal portable solar panel.The capacity of this Instapark solar panel may sound insufficient. But it can absorb maximum sunlight and produce max energy to charge your Smartphone. The feedback of its users is much positive. This shows that the panel is getting popular.

The reason for this is the impressive build quality and up to mark performance. Apart, you get more by spending less. This panel is an option for those who want a mid-range high-performance solar panel.

The Instapark 10 watts has three solar cell panels as compared to other products where there are two. This provides a big advantage when it’s not too sunny outside. It lowers the chances of any kind of charge interruptions. This solar panel is durable and can withstand years of wear and tear.

The hardness of canvas fabric helps to protect the solar cells in case it falls down. Velcro closures mechanism is simple and hassle-free. It performs its function of protecting the solar cells. You can open or close this small portable solar charger as many times as you wish.

Instapark tried its best to protect the interior from dust and other particles. The USB compartment is also safe due to the rigidity of cloth. When packed, it looks sturdy and you can take it with you along with other luggage.


  • High-efficiency portable 10 watts solar panel
  • Foldable design
  • Ideal for charging your phones in case of power outage or when you are away from a regular power source
  • Suits backpackers and campers due to its compact size
  • Built-in dual USB charging ports
  • Direct charging is possible
  • 1-year warranty

4. Instapark Mercury27 27-Watt Compact Foldable Solar-Powered Battery Charger With 12V Output For Instapark Mars20S, Powerpack Series And Wagan Power Dome Series And Dual USB Ports

This Instapark 27-watt solar panel charger is portable and foldable. It offers 12V output and provides sufficient power to charge your Smartphones. You can recharge any similar devices without using an external battery.

It offers 100% clean and free energy during the day. Its dual USB port can charge two devices simultaneously. If you often go out in the wild, this foldable solar panel charger is a suitable product to buy. This Instapark solar panel can charge your iPhone, iPads, or other Smartphone devices. Consider these other solar power banks for charging.

No external battery is necessary as it can directly charge the attached devices. You don’t even need an extra adapter for this purpose. The Instapark solar cells are best when it comes to performance. They provide a consistent power supply when enough sunlight is available. Being foldable, you can take it anywhere in a hassle-free manner.

This all-around portable solar panel charger is highly efficient. It has 4 solar panels made up of Poly-crystalline. This solar panel is a suitable product for all type of outdoor activities.

It is useful when the conventional power source is unavailable.


  • High-capacity 27 watts solar panel
  • 4 poly-crystalline panels for Highest-efficiency
  • Foldable and compact design
  • Lightweight and portable solar battery charger
  • Capable to recharge a power bank
  • Durable construction for extensive use
  • Made up of weather-resistant and scratch-resistant fabric
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Built-in pocket for securing charge controller and other components

Things To Know Before Buying A Solar Panel

If you are planning to buy a solar panel online, there are few things to know before making such a purchase. This requires you to have some kind of basic knowledge. So, collect some of the necessary information before going ahead.

For this purpose, you can get in touch with a technician or professional. Buying a solar panel is a considerable investment. Hence, you must make a wise decision to avail the benefits of such a product.

It would be better to compare the price, capacity, and compatibility of a solar panel. Besides, take into account the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It will ensure that the product you are purchasing is of superior quality

Although various brands are available, you must buy a solar panel that meets your needs. To help you in this matter, we have compiled a list of the important aspect that you should keep in mind.

  1. Warranty

Being a buyer, you can ask about the overall warranty offered by the manufacturer. So, inquire about the duration and type of warranty.

If the company offers a warranty for 25 years, you can be sure of its quality and performance. Reliability should be the first priority when you are going to purchase a solar panel.

Solar panels can last a very long time, so you need to be sure that you are covered during the warranty period.

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  1. Price Comparison

The price comparison is crucial. It helps you in more than one way. First, you can save some amount by comparing the prices of similar products. Apart from this, you can also judge the quality and performance indicators.

As a matter of fact, low-quality solar panels are available at a lower price. This means that you won’t get the desired output.

If a solar panel fails to provide the required power, it is of no use. Hence, be prudent and try to analyze every single aspect before buying a solar panel.

  1. Type of Solar Panel

Prior to buying, you must try to get the feasibility report of solar panel installation. There must be enough space and sunlight where you want to install a solar panel. If your house is small or sunlight is not available during the most time of the day, don’t buy a solar panel.

Even in ideal conditions, you must consider what type of solar panel would be perfect. The size of each panel should be in line with the available space.

Power output is also important. Buy a solar power, which can meet the power needs of your home.

The next factor relates to the material and performance of a solar panel. Mono-crystalline solar panels are efficient but costly. If you can bear additional expenses and don’t want to compromise the performance, buy them.

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  1. Solar Panel Certifications

To avoid any issue later on, only buy solar panels that hold the certification. This is essential to get an idea that whether a solar panel is capable of performing. So, make sure to look for the certifications awarded to the product that you want to buy.

It will allow you to assess the efficiency and performance level of a solar panel. The solar panels must have undergone rigorous testing through an independent laboratory.


To know more about the Instapark solar products, keep reading our Instapark Review.

Let’s get into some of the top solar panel products to purchase from Instapark.


Things to Know When Installing a Solar Panel

Solar panel installation requires you to be cautious. Apart from following the instructions, you also need to consider these factors.

  • How much power your house requires (calculate the consumption rate)
  • How you can draw more benefit through solar panel installation
  • Assign a special space for installation with a view to capturing maximum sunlight
  • What type of solar panels you need depending on the purpose
  • Mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline, which one would serve the purpose
  • How much it would cost you
  • Calculate the consumption rate

Other Solar Panel Guides

Conclusion On Instapark Review

After getting the required information through this Instapark review, you can decide wisely. You would find it easy to buy a suitable and high-performance solar panel of your choice.

Each of these solar panels offers different specifications. So it’s up to you to Install the most appropriate solar panel depending on your energy needs.

If you have made up your mind to buy one of these solar panels, just go ahead and purchase the most suitable option. To know how to buy solar panels online, just follow us on social media.

What do you think of the Instapark Review? Please let me know in the comments below.

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