Wind Turbine Calculator – Determine Your Energy Output & Sizing

Our wind turbine calculator can help you determine an accurate energy production and sizing.

Wind Turbine Calculator

Potential of wind power before blades:

Density of air:


Wind speed :


Rotor diameter:


Area covered:

kinetic power:


kinetic power (kw):


Annual potential wind energy:


Electric power in output of wind turbines:

Betz limit:


Pmax according to Betz limit (16/27):


Yield losses:

For each component fill the appropriate ratio according to your system :



Gear box:










Wire losses:


Total yield losses:


Average performance ratio:

Power, losses included:

Annual wind turbine energy:

Average annual Wind speed:


Capacity factor:


Real annual electricity production:

Ratio kWh/kW/y:

Global wind turbine yield Electric energy/kinetic energy:


Targeted Production:

Annual Production Need:


Total Number of Turbines Needed:

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Wind Turbine Calculator

The wind turbine calculator is meant to be used to estimate energy production and wind turbine sizing. This can be a great way to make better decisions about renewable energy.

The turbine calculator can be used for both offshore and onshore wind energy production estimations.

See these wind turbines for your home if you are considering going off the grid.

How to Use the Wind Energy Calculator

Here is how to use our wind energy calculator in a step-by-step manner.

  1. The density of air will always remain constant on Earth at 1.23 kg/m3
  2. Then, input the estimated wind speed for the area.
  3. Input the rotor diameter, which is a strong determinant of potential energy
  4. Next, you will likely have a series of yield losses from the various components, including blades, transformers, gearboxes, etc.
    • Yield losses are simply all the items that will hamper production. Wind turbines won’t always work at peak performance.
    • This will determine the actual performance after accounting for losses.
  5. Finally, now that you know your actual production for the wind turbine. Now type in your annual production need. This will determine the number of turbines that you need to install to meet your annual production need.

Start your renewable energy by using our calculator to make better production decisions by sizing your turbine usage to the optimal amount.

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