best organic baby clothes brands

Parents are becoming increasingly aware of the products they give their children, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear. Buying from the best organic baby clothes brands ensures that your precious infant will not only be comfortable, but also safe from the potentially-toxic chemicals and dyes found in most garments.

The best organic baby clothes brands to check out

Too many garments today are treated with toxic chemicals, from pesticides to dyes. It’s horrifying enough to think of the impact that could have on your health when you wear this type of clothing, but what about your baby?

In response to a growing community of parents wanting to make sure that their babies’ clothing is safe, breathable, and comfortable, this has led to the creation of a range of some of the best organic baby clothes brands offering organic garments for infants. Many of these brands also ensure that their products are eco-friendly, from the organic farming of the materials they use to sustainable production.

If you want to make sure the baby clothing you buy is really organic, make sure it carries a recognized certification like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It’s also important to check that the brand follows ethical and fair trade practices.

1. Hanna Andersson

This is one of the best organic baby clothes brands that specializes in baby clothes made from 100% organic Pima cotton, a fabric that is highly breathable and comfortable. They offer a wide range of products, from rompers and pajamas to superhero outfits.

They’ve been producing sustainable children’s wear for nearly 40 years, with an emphasis on clothing that is not only eco-friendly, but also stylish, comfortable, and practical. Their products are made from harm-free materials and the brand strictly follows fair trade practices.

They also promote circularity by making clothes that can be handed down and reused again and again.

We also love Hanna Andersson’s bright prints and cute patterns that will help your little one to stand out! They make clothes not only for babies, but also kids up to 12 years of age, so as your baby grows up, you can continue to buy the same high-quality, organic clothing from the brand.

2. Pact

Pact prides itself on producing baby and children’s clothes that are 100% GOTS-certified organic and free from harmful dyes and chemicals. Their baby clothing is made from organic cotton and features cute prints and adorable slogans.

Pact homepage

According to the brand, they save at least 12.5 gallons of water compared to non-organic alternatives for each piece of clothing they make, so it’s definitely one of the best organic baby clothes brands for eco-conscious shoppers.

Along with using organic cotton, Pact also employs fair trade and sustainable manufacturing processes. All of their products are Fair Trade Certified, meaning that they only work with factories that follow the highest social, environmental, and economic standards, from providing safe working conditions and fair wages to empower workers to uplift their communities.

3. Finn & Emma

Another great brand that makes 100% organic baby clothes is Finn & Emma. They offer a range of bodysuits, dresses, hoodies, and pajama sets in natural tones.

Finn & Emma homepage

Along with using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to make their products, Finn & Emma also empowers women across the globe through giving them employment and helping them to achieve economic independence.

The company also produces other products including play mats, rockers, baby swings, and adorable rattles made from all-natural, sustainable wood.

4. Burt’s Bees Baby

You’re probably already familiar with Burt’s Bees organic and natural makeup and skin care, but did you know that they’re also one of the best organic baby clothes brands out there? Their range includes all-natural and organic apparel for newborns, babies, and kids.

Burt's Bees Baby homepage

Their GOTS-certified products range from bodysuits and rompers to dresses and jackets. Along with neutrals and traditional prints, Burt’s Bees’ baby wear also includes some adorable tie dye prints.

The brand also offers unique “Famjams” – matching PJ sets for the whole family, with sizes ranging from baby to adult. You can choose between colorful tones and holiday-theme prints for these adorable sets.

5. Mini Mioche

Want to dress your baby in something a bit more interesting than the standard romper or onesie? Check out Mini Mioche – it’s one of the best organic baby clothes brands with cute fashion for infants. Mini Mioche’s unique harem pants, peplum tops, and raglan onesies are adorable!

Mini Mioche homepage

Better yet, all these items are safe for your little one, made using 100% organic cotton and natural, non-toxic dyes. All items are designed and manufactured in Canada, saving on the carbon miles your product uses to reach your door.

Along with clothing, Mini Mioche has you covered for all your baby needs, with baby jelly, creams, and diaper ointment.

6. Monica and Andy

Monica and Andy’s baby bodysuits, swimsuits, and infant day wear are made from the softest, safest, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. We think they’re one of the best organic baby clothes brands out there, and we love their range of mix-and-match essentials, making it easy to build a flexible and versatile wardrobe for your little one.

Monica and Andy homepage

Their products are available in a huge range of prints and colors and they often offer limited-edition prints. You can also find the same prints in their organic blankets.

All Monica and Andy’s products are made from organic materials, as well as being lead, phthalate, and flame-retardant-free.

7. Boodywear

Organic cotton isn’t the only safe, sustainable option for baby apparel – bamboo viscose is another great alternative. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable crops around: it’s extremely fast-growing, can be harvested year after year without adversely impacting the environment, and bamboo plantations are effective carbon sinks. This is what makes Boodywear one of the best organic baby clothes brands out there.

Boodywear homepage screenshot

Boodywear makes natural baby clothes from bamboo viscose that are soft, breathable, and comfortable. Their range includes baby shirts, pants, shorts, and bibs, with an emphasis on simple designs and pastel tones.

If you want to enjoy the same level of comfort, you can also check out Boody’s range of men’s and women’s underwear and leisurewear. From their baby wear to their adult wear, all of the brand’s products are made using sustainable, fair, and animal-friendly production processes.

8. L’ovedbaby

L’ovedbaby’s clothes are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton that is free from chemicals and toxins. This brand’s products are also affordable, with lower price points than most eco-friendly alternatives.

L'ovedbaby homepage screenshot

With sizes ranging from premmie to toddler, their range includes onesies, footies, tops, bottoms, PJs, and accessories. The brand emphasizes timeless designs that can be handed down and continue to be worn for years.

Along with sourcing only organic cotton and producing garments that are free from toxic metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, and GMO, L’ovedbaby also aim to pay their cotton farmers a fair wage, and promote a non-discriminatory workplace.

9. Under the Nile

One of the best organic baby clothes brands for babies up to older infants, Under the Nile offers organic clothing for preemies up to six year olds. Their snap-bottom onesies, harem pants, beanies, and sun hats are made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton.

Under the Nile homepage

Not only do they use GOTS-certified organic cotton, but the brand is also Climate Pledge Friendly, meaning they’re committed to processes that protect the earth. The company also emphasizes fair trade practices, teaching disadvantaged people to sew in order to empower them to establish a reliable income.

10. Jazzy Organics

As the name suggests, Jazzy Organics’ range is packed with personality. Along with organic baby and children’s apparel in vibrant prints, they also offer super-soft baby blankets.

Jazzy Organics homepage

All of these are made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton with environmentally-friendly production processes, and under fair trade practices. The brand also prides itself on adding extra details to their designs to make sure your baby is extra comfortable and cozy.

11. Oeuf

This high-end brand makes organic, natural clothing for babies and kids, as well as furniture and décor items from cribs to quirky pillows made from baby alpaca wool. Though not the most affordable brand on this list, you can be assured of the highest standard of quality, as well as unique and stylish designs.

Oeuf homepage screenshot

Oeuf not only uses organic and sustainably-sourced materials, but they work closely with their global producers to ensure everything is made without harming animals or the natural environment. The brand also makes durable, hard-wearing products that are designed to be handed down to the next child as each grows.

12. Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini offers a wide range of apparel for babies and kids up to 12 years old, making then one of the best organic baby clothes brands to consider if you have kids of different ages. Their range of baby clothes are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, merino wool, and fleece manufactured from recycled polyester and Lyocell.

Mini Rodini homepage

Lyocell is gaining popularity as an eco-friendly fiber. This material is produced from wood cellulose, and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Mini Rodini turns these soft, comfortable, and sustainable materials into baby bodies, onesies, tops, and leggings in jewel colors and bright prints.

Along with sustainable materials and production processes, they also offer a range of a collection of upcycled kid’s clothes made from old print scraps, so that off cuts don’t go to waste.

13. Veja

Veja is a stylish French brand that makes eco-friendly shoes for men, women, and children. Once your little one starts to walk, have them put their best foot forward in a pair of Veja sneakers!

Veja homepage

The brand emphasizes organic raw materials, sustainable manufacturing, and supports a range of social, economic justice, and ecological projects. Their kids’ shoes are made from organic and vegan materials like organic cotton, with the soles created from eco-friendly Amazonian rubber, rice waste, and sugar cane.

Their adult collections include athletic and vegan shoes, so you may want to do a bit of shopping for yourself, too!

14. Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin offers a range of natural, safe products for babies. Their range includes not only apparel, but also accessories, skincare, diapers, and wipes.

Kit & Kin homepage

The brand’s baby clothes include onesies, bunny-ear cardigans, and hats in natural tones and low-key prints.

Co-founded by ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Kit & Kin strives to make products that are natural, gentle, sustainable, and won’t irritate your baby’s skin. They apply this concept not only to their skincare products, but also their clothing, which is made from organic materials and free from harmful chemicals.

15. From Babies With Love

When you shop with From Babies With Love, not only will you enjoy high-quality, organic baby wear, but you’ll also be supporting some of the world’s neediest children and infants.

From Babies With Love homepage

This is not a for-profit company but rather a foundation that sends 100% of their profits to support orphaned and abandoned children in countries like Nigeria and South Sudan.

Furthermore, their products are ethically-sourced and made from GOTS-certified organic cotton in factories certified by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA). Their range includes body suits, leggings, tops, hats, muslin swaddles, and toys made from sustainably-sourced wood.

Go organic to protect your baby and the planet

The best organic baby clothes brands offer products that are not only safe, comfortable, and hard wearing, but also good for the environment and the global communities involved in production.

Non-organic garments may contain a range of chemicals that could put your baby’s health at risk. Not to mention that the production of regular cotton and other non-organic materials can have a devastating impact on the environment.

As a responsible parent and global citizen, it’s important to opt for organic baby clothes that are manufactured sustainably and ethically.

If you’re interested in finding more safe and sustainable products for your baby, take a look at our round-ups of the best eco-friendly diapers, not toxic diaper bags and organic baby bedding.

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