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Are you in Texas and need power for home or business? First Choice Power is the best choice for you. Go through this article to see the benefits they offer.

First Choice Power Overview: Who Are They & What Do They Do

The current electricity power market includes various retail providers who offer varying benefits. First Choice is one of those big names in the industry and whose aim is to make the use of electricity both affordable and convenient.

If you leave or work in Texas, you have heard of First Choice Power.

In Texas, customers have the liberty to choose the electricity provider they want. And, seeing the numerous retail power providers available, making the right choice may sometime be tricky.

However, let me make that choice easy for you.

First Choice Power is the place to be. Not only do they offer you multiple and ideal power plans, but they also educate you on various issues about energy, to make you more informed.

They will teach you how you can read and interpret your electricity bill, as well as how to select the right plan.

In this piece, I will dive deep into what the is all about, what they do, as well as how you can benefit from them.

First Choice Power Overview

First Choice Power

First Choice is a retail, electric power company that offers Texas residents, affordable and convenient means to access electricity. The company targets to make electricity rates as manageable as possible.

Based in the heart of Texas, and being in operation there for over 70 years, the company has proper knowledge of Texas electricity needs.

The company is determined to offer you the best services, both from their many years of experience, and their well trained and qualified personnel.

First Choice Power prides in their customer-friendly customer care that leaves those who interact with them satisfied with their services. According to most online reviews, First Choice Power is among the best power providers in Texas.

In 2011, First Choice Power was acquired by Direct Energy which comes as one of the key players in power distribution in North America.

Direct Energy is among the largest providers of both natural gas and electricity, as well as home security plans.

The company commits itself to offer products and services to customers in a way that helps to better their quality of life. Whether you need power for your business or home in Texas, First Choice Power is the company for you.

Since they are rooted in Texas, they take it as their home and strive to ensure that they improve the livelihoods of Texas residents.

Even with Texas having a deregulated energy distribution, First Choice Power has served this community for decades.

They always have a plan for everyone ranging from prepaid plans to zero-deposit plans meaning that they have you covered.

First Choice Power Renewal

A question that almost every new customer will ask is what will happen when their contract with First Choice Power expires. Well, you don’t have to worry about that.

Four weeks before the contract expires, First Choice will contact you to ensure you stay connected. They will offer you a chance to select another fixed-rate power plan that best suits your needs.

The company continually monitors its energy rates so that they can give you the most competitive prices and plans in the market.

The best thing with First Choice Power is that if you fail to renew the contract, they automatically put you in a monthly basis plan. This way, you will remain connected.

How Will I Know My Contract Has Expired?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that. If you are on a fixed-rate plan, First Choice will contact you 60 days before the expiration date. They will reach you either through e-mail, phone call, or paper mail, and give you all the details of renewal.

This way, you get an excellent opportunity to renew your contract, if you so wish, before the expiration date.

First Choice Power Net Metering

In the current past, more and more people in Texas are installing solar panels for their homes. This comes as a result of the continued decrease of solar panel installations cost, which has dropped with up to 29%.

Therefore, getting solar photovoltaics for your homes is now cheaper.

However, this has also brought more questions than answers. Home or business solar power system installation can be a complex and confusing task than you thought. You first need to gauge between the cost and the benefits that come with the process.

Net metering is one concept that many customers inquire about. Will I be able to sell my surplus electricity through the grid utility?

Well, while many other states offer net metering, Texas doesn’t.

Their PUC (public utility commission) doesn’t allow sole meters to subtract outflow from the inflow. Meters here make use of two distinct channels to gauge the energy that goes in, and that goes out.

You will get the reports for the measurement in your TDU in 15-minute intervals, which then goes to your REP. However, the REPs are not required to buy your excess power, and in fact, only a few Texas REPs will have programs for surplus power purchase.

Therefore, before installing that solar array, be sure that you have enough storage space for your surplus power.

First Choice Power Prepaid

With First Choice Power, they offer prepaid electricity plans with no contracts. With their Power-To-Go plans, a customer can get a power plan that doesn’t require a credit check or a long-term contract. These pricing plans allow you to pay for your electricity when you want and when it’s convenient.

Since most people are always on the go, First Choice Power has made it possible for customers to access their energy information wherever they are.

With their Online Account Manager, you can easily access your information through your mobile phone or online.

This way, you can pay for your power bills, manage your account, as well as see your total usage at any time and from any location.

Electricity Pricing for First Choice Power

In Texas, electricity pricing includes two sections. The first part is for provider charges, while the second one is for the utility charges.

Therefore, when you receive your bill, it will reflect both the charges from Direct Energy, as well as those from the utility, i.e., Centerpoint.

The three most common electricity plans include:

  • The 12-Month Fixed Plan

This one consists of 12 months fixed power plan, as well as an easy enrollment process that offers an auto-pay option. The plan costs 11.7 ¢/kWh.

  • The 24-Month Fixed Electricity

This one includes a fixed power plan for 24 months at 12.1 ¢/kWh. The plan also offers free electricity for their clients during the weekends.

  • The Free Nights Electricity

With this plan, you get a fixed-rate plan for 12 months at 12.4 ¢/kWh. Also, every night starting from 9 p.m. – 6: 59 a.m., you receive free electricity.


All these rates show the average usage per year, for 2,000 kWh per month. To get more information on pricing, visit their Electricity Facts Label.

Also, the estimates on their website include all the recurrent charges you will find on your electricity bill, not including taxes and fees from the government.

But Why Settle For First Choice Power?

I believe the answer to this question is that First Choice Power is the best choice. The company offers custom prices and plans for various places from Dallas to Houston, to Abilene and Killeen. They have the best programs that will best solve your electricity needs and lifestyle.

Whether needs necessitate for a no-deposit power, prepaid one, fixed-rate, or month-to-month rate, First Choice has you covered.

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How to Pay Your Electricity

First Choice Power has made paying your bills as easy as the tapping of your fingers. Even those who don’t have time to go to their Online Account Manager, they need not worry.

All that you will do is feed in the payment number for your Power-To-Go, enter your last name, your service zip code, select continue, and you are good to go. It can’t get any easier than this.

With First Choice Power, customers have complete control of their energy choice. The company has put in place various billing and payment methods that are consumer- convenient.

Need To Pay You Bill Online? This is How You Do It

You can now pay your power bill online with your credit or debit card. Just log in to their Online Account Manager and make the payment. However, you should also note that the company no longer accepts ACH payments, (also known as electronic checks), for deposit payments.

If in case you haven’t registered for a customer account you can make a one-time payment on this site. However, the best thing is to get an account with them and benefit from all their energy management tools.

Better still, if you prefer calling them to make a payment, their toll-free number 1-866-469-2464 is available for you. Just call them and pay for your power either through your credit or debit card.

The good thing is, whether you make use of their automated menu or get to talk with a real live person, your bill doesn’t vary. Also, they don’t add any charge for paying through this method.

Free Electricity Weekends

If you live in Texas, getting free electricity power during weekends has just gotten easier. With First Choice Power, you can easily use your electricity on the weekend totally for free. This is something that can make your weekend enjoyable.

All you need is to buy their 24 months Texas fixed plan for just 12.1 ¢/kWh, and you have your weekends sorted. With this plan, not only will you get free electricity for your weekends, but you will also enjoy the Texas energy fixed rates all week long.

Why pay more while you have the chance to pay less? Get your two years fixed plan and enjoy all these benefits.

How to Contact First Choice Power

If you want to talk directly to their customer support team, no need to worry. While many companies may not display their customer care numbers on their website, First Choice Power is entirely different.

As they say, they pride in their customer care and always anticipate to answer all your questions. You can quickly get hold of and talk to a live person from their customer care through the given number. The number is also toll-free.

Customer Care Number:

Call toll-free at the following number 1-866-469-2464. This number is available from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. CT.

Terms You Will Find On Your Bill From First Choice

Although not many people are keen to understand the various terminologies that are involved in electricity, First Choice Power wants you to learn some.

With some knowledge of these terms, you can easily undertake your simple tasks like reading and interpreting your electricity bills.

You will not be paying for your power, just blindly. Therefore, if you are a first-timer or you have never taken any interest, go through these terms and eliminate what you thought was a complicated jargon.

Through these terms, you will become more aware of the rates, plans, as well as what is usually on that bill.

First things first, let’s start with companies that ensure you have electricity at your business or home.

  • REPs (Retail Electricity Providers)

These are companies that distribute power into your homes or business. They sell the electricity to you via various power plans which you choose based on your needs.

First Choice Power Company is one of the most popular REPs in Texas.

  • TDSPs (Transmission & Distribution Service Providers)

TDSPs which we sometimes refer to as TDUs (Transmission & Distribution Utilities) are the companies that maintain power equipment such as lines and more.

The equipment ensures that electricity gets to your home.

Other terms include:

  • Base charge

It is the fee that you pay for the operational costs incurred during the delivery of the services to you.

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  • Recurring Charges

Recurring charges represent the charges found in any bill that you get from the First Choice Power Company. They typically stand for the TDUs depending on your locality.

  • Non-Recurring Charges

On the other hand, these represent the charges that appear once or intermittently based on the situation.

They include terms like disconnection fees, late fees, reconnection fees, and fees for a returned check, among others.

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  • Total Current Charges

These are all charges including balances from previous bills, current bill’s amount, any amount paid since the last bill, as well as the unpaid amount.

  • Late Payment Penalty

The late payment charge includes the payment you pay for unpaid delinquent balances. The penalty is one time and is less or equal to 5% of the total past-due balance.

Conclusion On First Choice Power

Although there are numerous retail providers of electricity, First Choice Power stands out among the best companies. I hope this First Choice Power review has given you all the information you require to make the best choice.

What is your experience with First Choice Power? Please let us know by dropping your thoughts in our comments section.

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