How to Get Free Electricity on Weekends

Getting free electricity on weekends sounds too good to be true. Well, you have options. Our guide will show you exactly how to get free electricity on weekends, which will help save you hundreds of dollars on energy.

How to Get Free Electricity on Weekends: Save Money on Energy

If you wonder how to get free power, here are some authentic ways to get free electricity on weekends. Although various electricity suppliers offer a wide range of free night and weekend plans, you need to be vigilant while obtaining one.

The word free electricity looks quite intimidating and sounds too good to be true. However, some questions may arise about the legitimacy of free electricity on weekends plan. Most of the providers use this plan either to grab the attention of the consumer or to persuade them to switch.

The electricity suppliers, however, share a different story. According to these services providers, they offer these free electricity on weekends plans to shift the load to off-peak times.

Moreover, the cost of electricity is relatively lower during weekends, it is possible for the provider to put such offers in front of their customers.

Since it isn’t possible to store electricity (generally speaking, since there are definitely energy storage options), it is essential to create a proper balance between supply and demand. That’s what grid operators strive for.

For this purpose, electricity supply companies offer these plans. But as a consumer, you need to consider what benefits you will get in the end by subscribing to free electricity weekend plans.

Although you have the options regarding the choice of an electric supplier, it may appear somewhat difficult to make a decision.

In order to assist you while reaching a decision, we have clearly explained how to get free electricity on weekends.

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Free Electricity Plans – How do they Work?

Also known as ‘Time of Use Plans’, free electricity on weekends plans are quite popular these days. To know the approximate consumption of your home, the electricity providers use a smart meter.

They take a reading every 15 minutes to know the consumption and offer specific plans in accordance with your usage.

At times, these free power plans cost you even more. This is so, as they charge high fixed-rates for giving free electricity on weekends or nights. The rate may turn out to be double the rate that you normally pay. The advantage you get is in the shape of free electricity during particular times.

For those who work and stay outside the home during the day, this plan might work for them. This plan does make sense, but you have to do some calculations on your own. You must have an idea about your electricity consumption during weekdays and weekends.

For instance, free electricity on the weekend plan starts at 6 pm on Friday and stops at 11:59 pm on Sunday.

Therefore, if your electricity consumption is high during weekends, you can make some considerable savings. Read more about saving money with electricity by using a prepaid electricity plan.

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How Providers Calculate Electricity Rates

Electricity providers offer free power plans after analyzing the estimated usage of their customers. They will also take into account consumption during weekends.

According to the estimates of some providers, the usage of electricity during the free period may reach up to 35% of the total consumption. Therefore, you must calculate whether you utilize that much energy during the free period.

For this purpose, you have to keep an eye on the plan details and see how much electricity you may consume according to the estimates of the power supply company.

Hence, immediate and precise knowledge of electricity consumption is crucial.

Prior to getting free electricity on the weekend plan, you need to do your homework. This means you must carefully ensure that getting this type of plan will prove to be beneficial for you.

Moreover, you must also make some lifestyle changes to adjust your usage.

On the contrary, if you don’t pay attention to these aspects and buy a plan in haste, you will end up paying even more than ever before. It is possible to draw maximum benefit out of these plans if you can use more electricity than the average consumer does during weekends.

For instance, if you stay outside the hometown and come back on during weekends, you can get the most out of free weekend plan.

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Getting a Free Weekend Electricity Plan

Mostly, these plans are advertised in a way that looks misleading, but even though there is some sort of advantages for the right type of customers.

In order to get the most out of your free electricity plan, you must take into account all these aspects before signing up.

Pay Attention to the Length of the Contract

In most of the cases, electricity suppliers offering free weekend plans want their customers to enter into a long-term contract with them. The minimum time period for a free weekend plan is 12 months.

If you make such a contract, you can’t escape it until the expiry of such a period.

You have to pay rates that have been agreed upon between you and the supplier. Even if your usage pattern changes, you have no other choice but to continue paying high electricity bills.

Therefore, if the length of the contract is too long; getting this plan would not be a wise decision.

Energy Charge

The next step is to know the exact electricity charges that you need to pay every month. Usually, the suppliers charge nearly double the rates when offering free electricity on the weekend plan.

This suggests that the cost of electricity during the weekdays is too high. It may even expand your electric bill if you utilize more electricity during the weekdays.

If you have a firm belief that most of your monthly electricity consumption is during the weekends, you can take advantage of free power weekends.

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Compare the Plans

When it compares to comparing electricity plans, it surely pays off in the end. For instance, by comparing the plans of one company to another, you can get an idea which company is charging the most.

Mostly, suppliers do charge 35-50% higher rates when offering free weekend plans. In this situation, you can compare the plans of different companies and choose one with minimum rates.

Cancellation Fees

Before you even signup for a plan, think about leaving it. This means that you should know how much it would cost you to cancel the plan.

If you have entered into a long-term contract with the supplier and paying high rates, you can exit by paying a huge cancellation fee.

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How to Compare and Buy Free Electricity Plans

In order to compare different free power plans, you can check them on the websites of different suppliers. In this way, you may know what type of plans electricity providers are offering. You can choose either one year or two-year plans depending on your needs.

By looking at some of the free electricity on weekends plans, you can outline different details of such plans. In fact, you should have a clear idea as to how free electricity weekends work.

It will make it easy for you to reach a perfect decision in accordance with your needs.

The electric supplier clearly indicates the time when free power weekend starts and when it ends. The smart meter provides all the necessary information about your daily use.

It also tells you how much energy you consume during the day or at night.

Hence, before making any decision, make sure to calculate the pros and cons of this type of plan. If you exactly know what type of plan suits you the best, you can get maximum advantage out of it.

Ways to Getting Free Electricity

There is a wide range of free electricity plans that renowned electric suppliers offer to their consumers. If you want to check out the plans, just visit the sites of the energy suppliers and see what they offer.

Here are some of the companies, which offer free power on weekends.

Reliant Free Nights & Free Weekends Electricity Plans

If you are craving for the best electricity rates in your area, Reliant comes with some best plans. It is one of the most reputable electric energy suppliers, which has a huge database of more than 1.5 million satisfied customers.

This supplier also offers free electricity on weekends plan, the details of which are given below.

Reliant Truly Free Weekends 18

After signing up for the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan, you can enjoy the following perks.

  • 100 days of free electricity
  • Free electricity throughout the weekend (8 PM Friday-12 AM Monday)
  • The low fixed rate during the weekdays
  • One-year-long contract
  • Minimum cancellation fee

Direct Energy Free Electricity on Weekend plan 

Direct Energy Logo

Direct Energy is also offering some of the best electricity plans, which are proposed to be beneficial for the consumers. Given below are the Direct Energy’s free electricity plans for the whole weekend.

You can read more about Direct Energy in our review of the energy provider.

Direct Energy Free Power Weekends 12

  • Enjoy more than 100 days of free power
  • One year plan
  • Use electricity free of cost throughout the weekend
  • Free weekends start from Friday 6 PM to Sunday 11:59 PM
  • Affordable fixed rate for the consumption during weekdays

Direct Energy Weekends on Command 24

  • Enjoy more than 200 days of free power
  • Use electricity free of cost throughout the weekend
  • Free weekends start from Friday 6 PM to Sunday 11:59 PM
  • Get an Echo Dot free of cost on first-time subscription
  • Two-year plan
  • Affordable fixed rate for the consumption during weekdays

First Choice Power

First Choice Power

By offering some highly competitive rates, First Choice Power is making electricity affordable for almost every consumer. It is a Texas-based electricity supplying company, which offers such affordable plans that most of the people find these plans beneficial.

Moreover, it is quite easy to choose between these plans, as all the terms appear to be the simplest as compared to others. These plans are made to meet the needs of almost every customer.

Apart from offering the minimum rates, First Choice Power also brings free electricity on weekends plan for its consumers.

Read more about First Choice Power in our complete review of the service.

Time of use + Free Weekends Plans

  • Enjoy free electricity for 48-hours during each weekend.
  • Pay as you go
  • No credit/deposit check
  • Availability of long-term and short term contract

Just Energy

It is a renowned electric supply company, which offers a wide range of plans to facilitate its consumers. One of these plans includes free electricity on weekends offer.

Here are some features of this plan.

Weekends Free Plan—Free Up Your Weekend

  • Utilize free energy throughout the weekends (Friday 7 pm to Monday 12:00 am)
  • Shift most of your usage to weekends and save a lot of money
  • Take the benefit of a low fixed rate while consuming electricity during the weekdays
  • Zero cancellation charges

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Conclusion on Free Electricity Weekends

After getting a high dose of the word free electricity, you might have started feeling confident about the free electricity on weekends plans, mentioned above. If this is the case, you must carefully read the lines below.

Prior to knowing how free electricity weekends work, it is essential to understand, as to why companies make these types of offers or plans. The basic reason behind this is providing an incentive to grab some attention from the consumers.

By offering free nights and weekends, the energy providers encourage their consumers to utilize most energy during off-peak hours. It helps the supplier to create a perfect balance during supply and demand.

Hence, now you know that companies offering free electricity to their consumers are thinking of their own benefit. Nothing is free in this world—then why you are thinking of using free electricity during the Weekends.

In fact, the way energy companies advertise their free electricity plans, people start to visualize the perks of enjoying free electricity throughout the weekend. Consumers are looking at only one side of the picture

This is the reason; consumers don’t get all the information about what they are paying. Although there is no wrong with the free weekend electricity plans, rather it’s the lack of information that causes trouble for most of the consumers.

If you are thinking of buying this plan, make sure to evaluate your daily consumptions. Take the reading of your digital or smart electric meter during the day and night. This will allow you to ascertain how much energy you consume during the Weekdays.

When the amount of electricity consumed during weekdays is much less than what you utilize throughout the weekend, you can subscribe to the free electricity on weekends plan.

What do you think of free electricity on weekends? Let us know in the comments below.

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