best microgreen growing kits

With more and more people growing their own unique and tasty ingredients at home, we’ve rounded up the best microgreen growing kits on the market today.

We chose the Window Garden Microgreens Grow Kit as our top pick for the best microgreen growing kits overall because it’s versatile, affordable, and has a stunning design, but all the products on this list are fantastic for any micro gardener.

Window Garden Microgreens Grow Kit
  • Fiber soil medium
  • Sleek, clear sprouting tray design
  • Ongoing watering is needed

Best microgreen growing kits reviewed

In choosing our top picks for the best microgreen growing kits, we considered aesthetics, durability, and how easy the kits are to use. We looked for kits that came with everything you need to get started (including seeds), with a balance between hydroponic and soil-based setups.

1. Top pick: Window Garden Microgreens Grow Kit

One of the best microgreen growing kits on the market today, this starter set comes with a sprouting tray, fiber soil, a sprayer, and radish microgreen seeds. The BPA-free acrylic tray measures 15 by six inches, so is long enough to give you a decent harvest and narrow enough to sit on a window sill on the side of your countertop.

We also like the sleek, clear design that shows the roots so you can watch your microgreens grow!

To use the kit, you’ll need to hydrate the compressed soil with the included sprayer, spread it across the tray and then add the seeds. You’ll then need to keep the soil moist while you watch your microgreens grow.

What we like:

  • Fiber soil – This medium is more efficient and versatile than hydroponic set ups.
  • Clear design – Allows you to watch the roots of your sprouts growing, turning it into a fascinating science experiment!

What we don’t like:

  • Ongoing watering needed Unlike some other microgreens kits, you will need to keep the soil moist.

Although slightly more work than some other kits, this set up is still relatively easy to maintain, thanks to the included spray bottle. Along with being perfect for microgreens, you can also use the planting tray to grow succulents or a living table centrepiece.

2. HAMAMA Home Microgreens Growing Kit

One of the best microgreen growing kits for beginners – this set from HAMAMA includes everything you need to grow your own delicious and nutritious microgreens: a 12 by seven-inch microgreens tray, seeds, and three seed quilts.

The seed quilts make growing microgreens super simple, with no need for repeat watering, a humidity dome, or special lighting. All you need to do is add water to the growing tray, plant a seed quilt and come back in seven days to harvest your microgreens. The kit is completely self-watering, meaning you’ll only need to water it once per harvest.

What we like:

  • Super simple – This kit has a user-friendly “plug & play” system that makes it easy to grow your own microgreens with no fuss.
  • Self-watering – All you need to do is water the kit once and wait for your harvest.

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive – Some online users say it’s not the best value for money, especially if you keep buying the replacement seed quilts.

The kit is accompanied by clear, illustrated instructions that make it a breeze to use.

However, if things don’t turn out as you’d hoped, it’s backed up with a guarantee! HAMAMA will either help you to get things back on track, send you a replacement, or give you a full refund.

3. Chef’n Microgreens Micro Greens Grower

This kit includes an acrylic tray and enough coir growing medium and seeds for one harvest. The tray comes with a lid: pop the lid on for the first three days to help with germination, and then remove it as your microgreens grow.

The compact tray is easy to fit on your countertop or windowsill and easy to clean between harvests. The manufacturer will also give you a discount code to reorder more seeds from Seattle Seed Company helping to make your future harvests more affordable – so it’s one of the best microgreen kits for people who want to develop a habit of growing and regrowing their own greens.

What we like:

  • Compact – The sleek design is ideal for a windowsill or countertop.
  • Discount on seeds – With a discount code for future seed purchases, growing your own microgreens will be even more affordable!

What we don’t like:

  • Some customer service issues – Some reviewers mention issues with customer service and problems with the kits they received.

Some online users reported receiving incomplete kits or the wrong components, but the reviews are very positive overall.

4. Mother MicroFarm Microgreen Gardening Kit

With this kit from Mother Microfarm, you can grow seeds on a paper towel, hemp or soil, depending on your preferences!

The simple, open planter tray has an in-built, full-spectrum LED light designed to bring out the optimum flavor and colors in your microgreens. Built with a durable, aluminum frame and is compact but big enough for a decent harvest.

We also like that this kit comes with two planter trays: the second can be used to cover the tray for the first few days while you germinate the seeds. Once germinated, you can use the second tray for a new harvest.

What we like:

  • Versatile – You can use the kit with a paper towel, hemp, or soil.
  • In-built light – The full-spectrum LED light will help you to grow tasty and colorful microgreens.

What we don’t like:

  • Time (and labor) intensive – If you use the paper towel method, you’ll need to keep it moist and replace it regularly.

If you decide to use this kit with a paper towel, you’ll need to replace the towel periodically and keep it moist, making it a bit more time-intensive than some other kits. You can also download the free app for growing schedules, info about nutrition, and loads of recipes and inspiration.

5. Garden’s Alive Seed Sprouter Kit

This microgreen seed sprouter has a space-saving two-level seed tray, giving you twice the harvest for the same footprint! The set includes not only two transparent, stackable seed trays, but also a vented lid for ventilation and a base to catch the water.

The base and trays measure 5.5 x 5.5 inches each, making it one of the most compact kits on this list. You can stack up to four additional trays, allowing you to grow various types of seeds at the same time.

The hydroponic setup is designed to give your microgreens the ideal level of humidity for fast germination, with no soil required.

What we like:

  • Two levels – This space-efficient design also has an option to stack even more trays.
  • Vented lid – For optimum humidity levels to encourage your seeds to germinate.

What we don’t like:

  • No seeds included – This kit doesn’t come with any seeds.

Unlike most other kits on this list, seeds are not included, so you’ll need to buy these separately. However, there are plenty of options to buy microgreen seed packs online.

6. Ingarden Superfood Microgreens Growing Kit

One of the best microgreen growing kits for people who love gadgets! This high-tech microgreen growing kit comes equipped with both grow lights and an autonomous watering system.

The full-spectrum light system is designed to give your microgreens optimum growing conditions while being energy-efficient. With the hydroponic watering system, you only need to refill the planter tray with tap water once a week and the in-built technology does the rest!

What we like:

  • Grow lights – Energy-efficient lighting system that promotes optimum growth.
  • Autonomous watering system – You’ll only need to replenish with tap water once a week.

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive – This kit is a bit more pricey than other kits.

The kit also comes with a one-month’s supply of USDA-approved organic superfood seeds. All seeds are plants with long-term health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, healthy skin and hair, energy levels, gut health and digestion.

7. Mountain Valley Seed Co. Self Watering Microgreens Growing Kit

This hydroponic and self-watering kit comes with two BPA-free and reusable self-watering trays, hydroponic micro mat confetti, six different types of microgreens seeds, and mist sprayer. You’ll also get two bonus microgreen recipes.

The seeds are all non-GMO vegetable and herb seeds: broccoli, Rambo radish, Red Tatsoi, China Rose radish, spicy salad mix, and basic salad mix.

What we like:

  • Variety of seeds – The kit comes with no less than six different types of non-GMO seeds.
  • Two trays included – Allowing you to have two crops on the go at the same time.

What we don’t like:

  • No instructions – Some users complain that the kit doesn’t come with instructions, so you may have to do your own research.

We also like that this kit is made in the USA – not only will you support local industry when buying this product, but shorter shipping distances translate into less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Microgreen Pros Organic Microgreens Growing Kit

This kit comes with a stylish wooden planter box that will look great on your countertop or windowsill. Along with the planter, you’ll get a fitted waterproof liner, fiber soil, and seeds for two types of microgreens: black oil sunflower and mixed microgreens including broccoli, hale, kohlrabi, arugula, and red acre cabbage.

The planter and liners can be reused many times over, and Microgreen Pros sell handy refill kits with the exact quantity of seeds and soil needed. They offer refill kits with a range of seeds such as wheatgrass, pea, radish, and sunflower.

What we like:

  • Good for sunflower seeds – This kit is an excellent choice if you want to grow tasty and crunchy sunflower microgreens.
  • Easy refills – You can order convenient refill kits to make harvest after harvest as easy as the first.

What we don’t like:

  • Needs a bit more maintenance – Like all soil-based microgreens kits, this setup involves a bit more work than a self-watering system.

The kit is a good choice if you specifically want to grow sunflower microgreens, as this crop can only be grown in soil.

What exactly are microgreens?

Microgreens are the baby sprouts of vegetables and other plants that are harvested when they are a few inches tall or so. Not only does this mean you can grow them on your kitchen counter or windowsill, but they pack a big punch nutritionally.

The vitamins and minerals are so concentrated in these small sprouts that they have up to 60 times the nutrients of their full-grown counterparts. They also offer different tastes and textures that open up new cooking possibilities.

Brussels sprouts microgreens
Brussels sprouts microgreens

The term “microgreen” doesn’t refer to any particular plant or type of plant, but can be virtually any type of vegetable, herb, or edible plant. Instead, they are defined by how they are grown and harvested.

You harvest microgreens as sprouts rather than letting them grow to the mature plant, and this quick harvesting time means that microgreens can be planted very close together, as very little root space is needed.

What are good microgreens to grow?

Here are some of the most popular microgreens you can grow at home:

  • Radish – Fast growing with bright-red stems that are not only tasty, but will add vibrant color to your dishes. Can harvest in seven days.
  • Beetroot – Ready for harvest in 10 days, these red-stemmed leaves add vibrant color and an earthy but mild flavor that is great for salads or fish.
  • Alfalfa – With dark green leaves that have a subtle flavor and mild crunch, alfalfa is best grown hydroponically and can be harvested after around 10 days.
  • Cilantro – Fresh aroma, subtle taste, and frilly leaves. Monogerm cilantro is easy to germinate and will be ready to harvest in two weeks.
  • Mustard – Mild but mustardy taste, and use the frilly varieties add some visual interest to your stir-fries.
  • Spinach – Mild taste that pairs well with more spicy microgreens, can be harvested in seven days.
  • Fennel – Same aniseed flavor as the adult plants but easier to cook with. Pairs well with fish, pasta, or risotto.
  • Basil – Flavorful and sweet garnish that will take your salads to the next level. There are purple varieties that add extra color too!
  • Broccoli – Looks and tastes very different from the mature vegetable, with a spicy flavor that is great for salads. Takes seven days to harvest.
  • Sunflower – These microgreens have a rich, nutty taste rather like raw sunflower seeds, and a crunchy texture. However, they don’t do well in a hydroponic setup, so you’ll need to grow the seeds in soil.

What are the benefits of growing microgreens?

Growing microgreens is a quick and easy way to grow nutritious plants in a limited space. You can grow nutrient-packed sprouts on your kitchen countertop even if you live in a small apartment!

They’re also incredibly fast-growing. Depending on the plant you choose, microgreens can be harvested just one to two weeks after planting.

pasta dish pasta garnished with microgreens
Microgreens can be used to garnish a variety of dishes.

Microgreens are beloved by chefs and foodies, thanks to their unique flavors. They’re a great way to add interest to your dishes through their unique textures and vibrant colors.

Add to this their high nutritional content and the fact you’ll be able to grow your own food, microgreens are an excellent way to tip your toe in the water of food cultivation, and may encourage you to set up your own veggie patch or similar.

How do I grow microgreens at home?

You can set up your own microgreens system, but there’s no doubt that having a kit is the easiest way to get started with your own mini farm at home.

There are many options when it comes to designs and features, so here’s what to look for when buying a microgreens kit.

Size and dimensions

For a decent-sized container that will give you plenty of space to grow your microgreens, you should look for a kit that is around 16 inches by eight inches. You also need to consider where you’re planning to put it and how much space you have.

If you’re really short on space, look for two-layered kits like the Garden’s Alive Seed Sprouter Kit.

Some kits are designed for growing in bulk or for a continual supply, with multiple growing trays and grow mats, like the Mountain Valley Seed Co. Self Watering Microgreens Growing Kit. However, you’ll need to balance this benefit with the amount of space you have.

How it works

Most microgreens growing kits work using either soil or hydroponics. There are also some kits with other growing methods, such as a jar with a mesh top.

Generally, soil is more mess and hassle, but some people argue that you get a better yield of microgreens when using this method. On the other hand, self-watering hydroponic systems are extremely low maintenance.

Fertilizer requirements

Ideally, when you buy a microgreens starter kit, everything you need to grow your own crops should be included in the kit.

Some kits come with plant food, while others don’t need fertilizer at all. However, the important thing to check is that you don’t need to buy anything else.

Self-watering or not

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance kit that requires minimal watering, self-watering kits are your best bet. Typically, these setups only need to be watered once a week or once per harvest, like the HAMAMA Home Microgreens Growing Kit.

Other features

Some kits come with lights which are handy if you don’t have somewhere with adequate sunlight to put your microgreens. If this is the case, look for a kit with LED lights, or you can also buy a grow light separately.

However, this is not necessary if you can put your planter tray somewhere that gets four to six hours of sun a day. You can also put them on your patio or balcony every day, though this is also more work!

Seeds included

Most microgreens starter kits come with seeds, though not all do. The majority of kits come with one or two different types of seeds, though the Mountain Valley Seed Co. Self Watering Microgreens Growing Kit comes with no less than six different types!

It’s also important to consider what you’ll do when you use all of the initial seeds included with the kit. Check whether the manufacturer sells seed refills, though you can also buy microgreen seeds or seed mixes online.

Final thoughts

Our top pick for the best microgreen growing kit is the Window Garden Microgreens Grow Kit. This kit gives you everything you need to grow a range of different microgreens, wrapped up in a sleek, clear design.

Our other favorites include the space-saving Garden’s Alive Seed Sprouter Kit, high-tech Ingarden Superfood Microgreens Growing Kit, and incredibly low-maintenance HAMAMA Home Microgreens Growing Kit.

If you’re interested in sustainable lifestyle habits, take a look at our guide to the best palm oil-free products and how to recycle K-cups.

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