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If you love the convince of K Cups but shudder at the environmental impact they cause then here is a list of the five best reusable K Cup alternatives that will make you enjoy your coffee even more.

Best Reusable K Cups to Use to Help the Environment

To keep the environment clean,  numerous companies currently produce eco-friendly K Cups that you can use.

Creating reusable coffee pods is one way the companies are offering K Cup options to the market, and here is a list of such coffee pods.

1. DI ORO – MaxBrew 24K Gold Reusable K-Carafe Filter

Do you want to change your habit of using disposable coffee capsules? Well, MaxBrew 24K Gold reusable K-cup is an excellent option for you. This reusable K Cup not only guarantees you great coffee, but it also ensures that you save money.

These coffee pods are compatible with all Keurig 2.0 models, including K500, K300, K400, K200, and more.

The product doesn’t contain any harmful elements such as lead, DEHP, or BPA, and therefore it’s friendly to your health. One of the best things about this K Cup is that it’s environmentally friendly and you can clean it with a dishwasher.

Di Oro Caffè offers an ideal eco-friendly alternative to disposable K Cups. Some of its notable features include:

  • Compatibility with all Keurig 2.0 Brewers – With this product, you have the opportunity to enjoy your coffee without having to spend money on purchasing expensive disposable pods. This is possible because these K Cups can be used in any Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer.
  • Has a 24K Gold Accent – The cup comes in a unique and beautiful 24k gold plated honeycomb-patterned MaxBrew filter. Its design ensures that you enjoy the taste of your coffee without tasting the filter, unlike in some other filters.
  • They are 100% BPA, lead, and DEHP Free – You can relax knowing that your health is well put into consideration. The materials that make up the MaxBrew filter is free from any harmful substances.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Economically Smart – Not only are these reusable K Cups ecologically friendly, but they also save you a significant amount of cash. You don’t have to keep buying the disposable pods anymore. Also, you will have played your part in reducing the number of disposable coffee capsules that end up in landfills.

You can comfortably wash the K Cups with your hands or using a dishwasher.

With these Di Oro products, you can be assured of great service and for a very long time. The K Cups come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees you of their quality.

2. DI ORO – MaxBrew 24K GOLD K-Cup Reusable Filter for Keurig 2.0/1.0 Small Single K-Cup

Another great alternative to the disposable k cups is the MaxBrew 24K GOLD K-Cup Reusable filter compatible with Keurig 2.0/1.0 brewers. The reusable cups work well with all models of 2.0 and 1.0 Keurig coffee makers.

Just like their earlier counterparts, these reusable cups are environmentally friendly, as well as economical to use. Also, they are made of harmless materials that are free of BPA and DEHP elements to ensure your health safety.

So, if you are a coffee lover, then you should try out these reusable coffee cups. They ensure that the coffee smells and tastes just the way you like it. The filters fit well in the brewer, preventing any chance of leakages or spillage. Here is a summary of its features:

  • They are compatible with both 2.0 and 1.0 Keurig coffee brewers
  • Built from a BPA-free plastic
  • They are ecofriendly
  • Contains no traces of lead, DEHP or any other harmful components
  • Easy cleaning either by hands or dishwasher
  • These reusable K Cups save you up to 80% cost, as compared to the disposable cups.

This reusable K Cup is 4.4 stars rated on Amazon by users, showing the extent of satisfaction that users get. If you asked me which is my best reusable K Cup, this would be it.

3. Ekobrew Classic Reusable Filter, Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 Compatible

Since its inception in 2011, Ekobrew has been in the front line to try and keep the environment free of disposable K Cups waste.

Through their Classic Reusable Filter, it is estimated that the company has managed to keep more than 2.6 billion single-use filters off the landfills.

This is a big step in the right direction.

Some of the main features that come with these Ekobrew Classic Reusable Filters include:

  • They are compatible with both Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 coffee makers
  • The reusable K Cups are made in the US
  • Eco-friendly and helps you save up to around 70% on coffee
  • They are easy to use and can be cleaned using a dishwasher
  • Requires no filter holder removal
  • They are 100% BPA free
  • Available in various colors such as violet, black, and orange

The Ekobrew reusable filters are a great way of reducing the use of the disposable K Cups that are turning to be an environmental menace. They are an eco-friendly K Cup alternative for the coffee lovers and those who use Keurig brewers.

If you want to save money and keep the environment clean, Ekobrew classic reusable filter is a great product for that.

4. Perfect Pod EZ-Cup 2.0 Reusable Filter Cup with 25 Paper Filters by Perfect Pod

With Perfect Pod, both the enthusiast, as well as the cost-conscious coffee lovers, have their desires catered for. Their EZ-Cup 2.0 Reusable Filter Cup ensures that you have your coffee just the way you love it, while still putting your health and the environment in mind.

If you were looking for disposable coffee pod alternatives, EZ-Cup is one of the best reusable K Cups around.

Some of its distinctive features include:

  • Compatibility with 1.0 and 2.0 Keurig coffee brewers
  • The K Cups are refillable and are built of 100% biodegradable paper filters
  • The package contains one reusable EZ-Cup, one lid, and 25 EZ-Cup Filters
  • Patented tamping spring that squeezes the coffee in the K Cup for easy extraction and better coffee flavor
  • Allows you to use your fresh coffee, save money, as well as reduce K Cup Waste
  • The EZ-Cup is supported by Perfect Pod 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

The product is also compatible with other coffee makers such as Mr. Coffee, Breville, and Cuisinart. When you use a reusable EZ-Cup 2.0 filter, you can well relax knowing that you have made the world a better place.

You have played your role in reducing 10 billion disposable K Cups that find their way into the landfills each year.

5. K&J Reusable Filter Cups Compatible with Keurig 1.0 K-Cups by K&J

These reusable coffee filter cups are compatible with almost all Keurig coffee makers. The pack consists of four reusable cups which work perfectly with model 1.0 machines, Cuisinart, Breville brewers, and Mr. Coffee units.

The cups are also made of a stronger material and a tight lid seal that prevents leakages or spillage.

In addition, they have a stainless steel micro-etched mesh, which offers a perfect size for brewing even the smallest grinds of coffee. With K&J K Cups, not only will you save the environment, but also enjoy their durability. Therefore, you will maintain a clean environment while still saving money.

The main features of K&J reusable cup filters include:

  • Comes in a pack of 4, which improves convenience as you will not need to wash and wait for one piece to dry.
  • They are ideal for Breville, Keurig, Mr. Coffee, and Cuisinart machines
  • Built of sturdier material than earlier models.
  • Its micro-etched mesh is built from stainless steel
  • They are pocket-friendly, as well as eco-friendly
  • Offers a 100% money refunds if you are unsatisfied with the product

Moreover, these coffee filters offer more drink variety. You get a chance to brew drinks that you will never find in your favorite joint.

What are K Cups?

The word K Cup has been used to refer to the disposable coffee capsules generally. K Cup is a trademarked name from a company known as Keurig Dr Pepper. However, the name has gained so much popularity in the US such that every coffee pod is referred to by that name.

Keurig Dr Pepper has for many years, been the biggest player in the North American coffee market. And, for this reason, K Cup has almost become a synonym for coffee pods, especially in America and Canada.

In the real sense, these capsules are rarely recyclable, and most of them end up clogging our trash cans or in the landfills. The reason why they are rarely recycled is that most of them are made of a tightly bonded mixture of metal and plastic.

In addition, the pods also contain organic residues.

But the good news is here. Don’t feel guilty if you are used to the capsule coffee routine. I have a lasting solution.

Are you feeling guilty about your capsule coffee habit? You’re not alone.

The founder of Keurig himself has said he regrets introducing single-cup coffee makers to the world, due to the immense amount of trash they create.

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Why Eco-Friendly K Cups are Better

Due to the “biodegradable” label on most of the disposable coffee pods, not many people questioned beyond that. However, with the continuous use of these coffee pods, it has emerged that they are not really biodegradable.

Therefore, this article aims at offering you the best reusable K Cup options to the one-time disposable ones.

Well, over the years, disposable K Cups have gained so much popularity in the United States. The whole reason behind this is mostly due to their convenience as it makes the process of coffee brewing easy.

However, these K Cups end up in landfills or clogged in trash cans which are posing an environmental hazard.

The common misconception people have is that these disposable coffee pods are recyclable.

The numerous adverts on our screens, as well as the labels on the products’ packaging,  has misled most people. However, that should not worry you anymore as I have the answer for this menace.

Here are a few benefits of using eco-friendly K cups for your home or office.

  • Cost Saving

If on average, you are used to taking a cup of coffee every day, you can easily spend around $200 on disposable pods.

However, this cost can reduce by even by a third, if you make use of reusable K Cups. And, although it’s cheaper to use reusable filter cups, it doesn’t mean they offer lesser quality coffee.

  • Maintains Original Taste/Scent

While using some disposable K Cups, you might notice a different taste of smell or taste in your coffee. The change may be caused by reactions of the materials that make up the pods with heat or coffee.

However, with the reusable models, this is not the case as they retain the originality of your coffee.

  • Eco-Friendly

One of the main reasons why the reusable K Cups came about is to ensure that we protect our environment. With the disposable, and non-biodegradable coffee filters clogging our trash sites and landfills, reusable K Cups seems to be the solution. Here is the difference between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable.

By using a reusable pod, it minimizes the number of disposable pods going into the environment. This is one way of staying green and doing things that do not harm our environment.

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  • Versatile

Since the reusable ones work well with most coffee brewers, you don’t have to buy a different pod for a different machine. Some of these reusable K Cups not only work with coffee grinds but also with coffee grounds as well as tea leaves.

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Conclusion on Which is the Best Reusable K Cup

Maintaining our environment and staying healthy are two things that we must take very seriously in our everyday lives. With a significant number of Americans being coffee lovers, using the best pods that are both environmentally friendly and health-conscious is essential.

I hope this list helps you find the best reusable K Cup to brighten your coffee moments.

What reusable K cup will you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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