how to recycle Brita filters

Are you stuck with Brita Filters that you don’t know where to take them? Here is excellent news for you. In this piece, I will share tips on how to recycle Brita filters just from where you are.

How to Recycle Brita Filters (Safe & Eco-Friendly Tips to Consider)

As we have outlined in our Green Living blog, there is much need that we live in harmony with our environment. To protect and preserve our environment means that we don’t do things that can harm our surroundings. In this article, however, we will dwell more on how to recycle Brita filters.

Brita is one of the best carbon filters and therefore you will find yourself with one or more of their great products that need recycling. However, that shouldn’t worry you.

Recycling Brita product has become a walk in the park.

For example, if you just upgraded to a new fancy pitcher or just replaced your old filter, getting the old stuff for recycling is now a tap of a finger.

All you need to do is sign up to “My Brita program,” fill a form, get a free shipping label.

After that, you are ready to mail those old items for recycling to TerraCycle, which is Brita’s partner.

Three Easy Steps to Recycle Brita Products

  1. First Step

First, you need to allow the Brita filters or products to dry for at least three days.

  1. Second Step

The second step is to assemble 5 lbs. of Brita stuff, put it in a trash bag or a garbage liner. After that, you should package the products in a box.

  1. Third Stage

The third and final stage requires you to print the free shipping label and mail the box to TerraCycle. The rest is sorted out for you.

Why Should We Recycle Filters?

The primary reason why you should send your filters for recycling is one that we all know. Most of them are made from plastic material. Worse still, plastic #5, a type that many recycling companies don’t take for recycling.

We all know that if these plastics find their way into landfills, they don’t decay and they will cause environmental pollution among other adverse effects.

Plastic if not well disposed or recycled, they can cause severe and harmful effects to the surroundings. From clogging of waterways to forming of breeding areas for mosquitoes and rodents, plastic waste can cause adverse conditions.

Therefore, we have to ensure that such material is recycled or disposed of in the right way.

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What are Brit Products Recycled Into?

Once the company collects your waste, it separates the Brita products from the packaging through composition and shreds them to mold new recycled products. They also detach the carbon filters which they later use in polymers.

Interestingly, these Brit filters are made into beautiful items you can’t imagine. These filters are recycled into various amazing items and shapes. For example, that pitcher in your fridge, or the bottle in your purse, together with the filters inside will be transformed into totally different products.

If you take a look at a bench on a park or a bike rack outside your office, it’s rare to think that they might be made from those recycled bottles.

Well, don’t be amazed, Brit filters can also be made into numerous new products.

These new can include watering cans, razor handles, plastic toothbrush, cutting boards, and more.

The best thing about this is that even recycled products can still be recycled again. Also, the filters contain carbon and other contaminants that are also redeveloped for alternative uses.

TerraCycle and Brita Partnership

To make recycling easy and convenient for Brita customers, the company has partnered with TerraCycle. Through this partnership, Brita offers a recycling program that is free to all. The only thing you require to do is join the program, and you are good to go.

The program forms a source of a new life for all the old Brita products through reinvention to other different products.

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Which Brita Products can you Recycle?

Through Brita’s Recycling Program, the old waste products that you can recycle include Brita dispensers, Brita Stream pitchers, pitchers,  and bottles. Others include Brita filter packaging, standard filters, Brita Long last filters, Stream filters, as well as bottle filters.

However, for you to recycle these wastes in the right manner, you should ensure that you package the waste products well. The waste should be completely dry before you think of shipping it.

You should avoid at all costs, to ship wet and dripping packages.

Good News

Initially, Brita only used to recycle their waste products in Europe. However, that is not the same case anymore. The company now offers recycling services in the US as well.

For this reason, there is no reason why you should not dispose of your used Brita product properly.

Whichever type of product, you can relax as Brita filter recycle services are now available near to you. Let’s recycle these filters and save the world.

The Eco-friendly Way to Recycle

Once TerraCycle has the waste Brita products, they use circular methods to repurpose the items they collect through their programs.

The methods include reuse, upcycling, and recycling this is the most standard method even for eco-friendly recycling. The best thing about TerraCycle is that they don’t landfill or burn the waste.

  • Reuse Method

Reuse of a product is the easiest and also the most economical option when it comes to waste products. To reuse a product means that the product will be used for the same purpose it was initially made to serve.

The product is transformed into anything different. For example, if it’s a Brita water bottle, it is cleaned and used for the same purpose. This process saves all the material and energy required to make the product.

  • Upcycling

With upcycling, the waste products are made into entirely new items, different from the original one.

Also, the purpose of the product changes. TerraCycle works some of the best companies in the world to introduce upcycling solutions to numerous forms of waste.

  • Recycling

The science behind recycling targets to recover the materials that make up an object. In most cases, they shred the product, separate the elements that make it, melts the material, and makes a new recycled product.

Recycling of Brita filters is no different. For example, we can recycle Brita bottles to form a bike rack.

Eco-friendly Ways to Recycle Brita Filters in Different Countries

Here are a few tips on recycling your Brita filters in different parts of the world.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in the US

With Brita partnering with Terracycle, which is a recycling company, the process has become easier for American customers. They can now recycle Brita filters and even earn reward points from Brita.

Since January 2009 Brita partnered with Whole Foods and Preserve stores to help collect and recycle these Brita water filters

Here’s what you do it:

  • Shake off remaining water from the filters and leave them to dry for a minimum of 3 days.
  • Assemble 5 pounds of the waste Brita products you wish to recycle.
  • Wrap the waste in a grocery or garbage bag and pack them in a box. The packing bag will also be recycled.
  • Sign-in into Brita’s US website if you have an account or create a new one. From there you can print your free shipping label.
  • After that, mail the box to TerraCycle.
  • You can now relax as you know that you have done well to help protect the environment.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in Europe

Since Brita’s headquarters are in Germany, recycling their products in Europe is easy.  All you need to do is:

  • Call their Customer Care on 0800 – 500 18 18
  • Or, visit to find a dealer that is near you.
  • You can also locate any shop that has Brita’s recycling boxes as many shops do have them.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in the UK and Ireland

Both in the UK and Ireland, Brita has come up with a straightforward and convenient way for their users to recycle Brita filters. With their numerous partnerships with high street retailers, they have come up with a scheme that offers recycling services around the UK.

All you require is to drop your box of Brita filters in any of the participating stores such as Argos and Boots.

What to Do if in the UK or Ireland:

  • Locate a blue Brita recycle box at any of your favorite store or shops.
  • Better still, you can call BRITACare on 0844 742 4800
  • The third option is to enter your postcode into their recycling locator.

How to Recycle Brita Filters in Canada

The partnership between Brita and Terracycle is one that is beneficial to many. Brita customers in Canada now have a great opportunity to recycle Brita filters with ease.

Here is all you need to do if in Canada:

  • The first step is to open a TerraCycle account from From there, you can join the Brita recycling program, which is a free program.
  • Then, assemble all your Brita’s waste products such as Brita pitchers, faucet systems, dispensers, filters, bottles, and filter packaging. After that, pack the waste into a box.
  • From your new TerraCycle account, download a free (prepaid) UPS shipping label which you will receive in your email. Print out the free label and attach it onto your box (make sure you securely attach the label).
  • Contact TerraCycle through 1-800-742-5877 and schedule a pick-up which usually the following business day. Or, you can also drop off the box at any UPS location.
  • You will get 100 TerraCycle points for every pound of waste if you ship anything that weighs above 1 lb. You can then donate these points to any non-profit body or institution of your choice. These points go to help needy persons who need clean water, to have access to this precious commodity.

Benefits of Recycling

  • Protects Ecosystems and Animal Life

When we recycle, we reduce the extraction of more raw materials to cater to the production of new products. Also, it minimizes the disruption of the environment caused by extraction or mining of raw materials. In the case of plastics, the raw materials include natural gas, oil, and coal.

Therefore, if we recycle the plastics available, it prevents more mining of these materials; thus, we preserve the environment.

Also, if more of these plastics end up in oceans, rivers, and other water sources, it can bring about a lot of harmful effects on the environment.

  • Conserve Natural Resources

Since most natural resources are finite, when we recycle, it ensures that we don’t overuse these resources. For example, by recycling plastic, it means that there is less new plastic.

This means that there is less mining of fossil fuels to produce new plastic.

  • Saves Energy

The recycling process uses less energy, unlike when we produce new products from raw materials.

Sometimes, the difference in energy can be quite substantial, resulting to cost reduction.

Conclusion on How to Recycle Brita Filters

When it comes to preserving our environment, all necessary measures have to be taken to ensure that we leave a habitable place for future generations. Brita is one company that have made substantial strides to ensure that their products are well recycled to avoid ending up in landfills.

In this article on how to recycle Brita filters, I believe you will find all the information you need to help you recycle that Brita filter in your house.

Do you have any comments on Brita filters recycling? Feel free and leave your views in the comments section.

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