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A patio umbrella is an excellent all-weather addition to your garden or outdoor space. 

The it keeps the sun off your head, provides a little shade on the hottest of days, and prevents a little shower of rain from making you move back inside.

Many of these uses are relegated to the daytime, making your standard patio umbrella less useful at night. 

Thankfully, the wonder of solar technology means your solar patio umbrella can go back to being your best garden buddy any time, night or day.

When fitted with solar lights, a solar umbrella is an indispensable part of your outdoor furniture. We’ve gathered together some of the best solar umbrellas and all the information you need to get the right one for you!

Best solar powered patio umbrellas

Usually, we break our reviews down into different categories based on the standout features of the products being reviewed. 

In this case, however, the patio umbrellas we’ve chosen are all fairly similar, so we’ve presented them in no particular order.

1. BLUU 9 FT Solar LED Patio Umbrella

The Bluu solar umbrella is one of the best solar umbrellas on our list, made from premium OLEFIN fabric, making it both biodegradable and highly UV resistant. So much so that it comes with a 3-year fabric fade-resistant warranty.

The central pole is constructed from zinc and aluminum composite that is both strong and light. The ribs are also made of aluminum instead of the traditional plastic. 

The lighting inside the umbrella’s structure has sixteen strips on the ribs and one central doughnut light around the pole. 

The solar panel mounted on the top of the pole provides enough power for 8-hours of light on a full charge. 

The umbrella comes in three sizes, 7.5 foot, 9 foot, and 10 foot, with the 9-footer recommended for a standard 4-person patio table.

A one year manufacturer’s warranty covers the whole umbrella, and Bluu offers 24/7 customer service.

What we like:

  • Durable biodegradable fabric – The OLEFIN fabric is environmentally friendly, highly UV resistant, and comes with its own 3-year fabric fade-resistant warranty.
  • Range of sizes – The Bluu umbrella comes in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor space.

What we don’t like:

  • Base not included – The Bluu umbrella needs a weighted base if not set in the middle of a patio table, and that base is sold separately.

Durable and environmentally friendly, the BLUU 9 FT Solar LED Patio Umbrella is an excellent choice for your garden.

2. Sunnyglade 9-foot Solar 24 LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

The main selling point of the Sunnyglade LED lighted patio umbrella is the crank raising operation.

Patio umbrellas, particularly the heavier or larger ones, can be difficult for the elderly or people with grip or joint issues to operate. The crank makes opening and closing the umbrella much easier, and there is a handy push-button tilt mechanism to angle the canopy.

The 100% polyester canopy fabric features fade-resistant, water repellent, UV resistant. The central pole is rust-resistant bronze aluminum.

The lighting system is made up of 24 LED Lights with eight steel ribs and three LED lights on each rib. The solar panel provides enough energy for six hours of operation on a full charge.

What we like:

  • Crank opening – The crank handle opening and push-button tilt mean the Sunnyglade umbrella is easy to operate for those who struggle with standard patio umbrellas.
  • Steel ribs – The Sunnyglade uses steel ribs, instead of aluminum or plastic, for additional durability.

What we don’t like:

  • No warranty – Unfortunately, the Sunnyglade LED lighted patio umbrella doesn’t come with warranty. 

The Sunnyglade LED lighted patio umbrella is ideal if you struggle to put up, tilt, or close a standard patio umbrella. The best solar umbrellas are the ones that are easy to operate, and the Sunnyglade definitely delivers on this front

3. Yescom Solar Powered Rectangle Patio Umbrella

The Yescom Solar Powered Rectangle Patio Umbrella is one of the best solar umbrellas if you’re someone who values a quirky aesthetic. It is somewhat unique in that the canopy is a 10 x 6.5ft rectangle.

The idea behind this move away from the traditionally circular patio umbrella is that it adds a certain level of utility. The flat edges and tilt function make it easier to use this umbrella on a balcony or near a wall and can rest against a flat surface.

If you plan on taking this umbrella to the beach, its rectangular shape means it can also be used as a windbreak by laying it on its side. 

The light from the umbrella is provided by 20 eco-friendly and energy-efficient solar-powered LED lights. 

The upgraded 1.6W solar panel provides around 6-8 hours of light after a full day of charging in good solar conditions.

The 180g/sqm polyester canopy is water repellent, UV30+ protective, and fade resistant. The top of the umbrella comes with additional venting to help air circulate. 

Much like the Sunnyglade, the Yescom comes with a crank to help raise and lower the umbrella and a push-button tilt feature. 

What we like:

  • Unusual shape – The rectangular shape of the Yescom umbrella will suit certain outdoor spaces better than a circular umbrella and works as a windbreak at the beach. 
  • Durable canopy – The 180g/sqm polyester canopy is durable and fade resistant.

What we don’t like:

  • No base – As with the Bluu umbrella, the weighted base for the Yescom is sold separately.

If you take your umbrella to the beach a lot or need a specific shape to fit your outdoor area, the Yescom umbrella is a great choice.

4. Best Choice 10ft Solar LED Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

The offset position of the Best Choice umbrella makes it uniquely able to provide shade in a way that traditional umbrellas do not. 

Where most umbrellas have to be placed at the center of where you want shade, usually through the center of a table, the Best Choice umbrella can be placed off to one side of a seating set, an outdoor couch, or even a pool.

Unlike other umbrellas on the market, the Best Choice umbrella comes with a weighted base. 

Light is provided by 24 built-in LED lights powered by solar panels on the top of the pole. The pole itself is powder-coated steel, and the canopy is made from fade-resistant polyester fabric.

The umbrella’s canopy comes with a hand-crank lift and an easy-tilt system that allows you to adjust the shade and block the sun at all angles. Both the pole and the crank can be removed for easy storage and transportation.

The canopy also has a built-in vent to encourage air circulation.

What we like:

  • The offset design – The unique offset design means you can use it to shade more than the standard patio table.
  • The included base – Unlike a lot of other umbrellas, the Best Choice umbrella comes with an included weighted base.

What we don’t like:

  • No warranty – Unfortunately, the Best Choice umbrella doesn’t come with any kind of warranty. 

If you need a little extra shade or light, over a garden furniture set or pool area, the Best Choice umbrella is probably the best choice.

5. ABCCANOPY 11FT Solar 3 Tier Outdoor Table Umbrella 

The ABCCANOPY umbrella has a unique three-tier design that increases the stability of the umbrella, and makes it cooler to sit under too.

The umbrella’s canopy is made of high-quality 100% polyester water, UV, and fade-resistant fabric, and the central pole is made of anti-rust powder-coated aluminum with eight aluminum ribs for added durability.

Those eight ribs have 32 LED lights that produce 6-hours of light on a full charge. The central pole has both a crank for easy opening and closing and a push-button tilt mechanism. 

What we like:

  • The three-tier design – The unique design means that the ABCCANOPY umbrella is better able to resist wind, and has more ventilation.
  • The durability – The canopy is made from high-quality 100% polyester water, while the pole and ribs are made of powder-coated aluminum.

What we don’t like:

  • The lack of a base – In what is becoming a regular complaint, the ABCCANOPY umbrella doesn’t come with the required weighted base.

If you’re struggling with the wind turning over your umbrella, then the unique design of the ABCCANOPY umbrella might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Things to consider when buying a solar patio umbrella

Now that we’ve shown you some of the best solar patio umbrellas on the market, here are some factors you should consider when buying your own.

Size and dimensions

As with most furniture, the first thing you want to consider is the size of the umbrella you’re buying. 

Always measure twice and buy once. 

You’ll also want to take into account the shape of your umbrella and the shape of your outdoor space. For instance, the Yescom Solar Powered Rectangle Patio Umbrella is a great option for smaller spaces and balconies where one edge can sit flush with a wall.

apartment building with trees and red umbrella on the balcony
Whether solar or not, square-shaped umbrellas usually work better for smaller spaces

In the same vein, an offset umbrella might be more appropriate for shading patio furniture that isn’t a table with an umbrella hole in it

Waterproofing and materials 

Durability is one of the key facets of an outdoor umbrella. 

You’ll want to prioritize umbrellas with steel poles, ideally powder-coated to prevent rust, and a canopy made of durable materials like polyester.

If you choose a solar LED umbrella, then there’s a good chance that using environmentally friendly material is important to you, so another option is to use OLEFIN fabric. 

OLEFIN is as durable as polyester but also biodegradable.

It should be noted that not all umbrellas are waterproof, even if that doesn’t seem to make sense. Always make sure that the umbrella you are buying is truly waterproof.

Lastly, unless you’re fine with your umbrella wearing and fading over time, you’ll want to make sure that your umbrella has a UV-resistant coating or is made of UV-resistant material.

Base and accessories 

You might have noticed that, in our reviews above, a common complaint with patio umbrellas, solar or not, is that they don’t come with a weighted base. 

Most of them are designed to sit in the center of a patio table. However, even if they are in the center of such a table, the weighted base does make them more stable.

patio umbrella base
Look for a solar umbrella with a sturdy weighted base

When it comes to buying shopping for one of the best solar umbrellas for yourself, it’s important to make sure that it comes with a base or that you can buy one inexpensively.

There are also other accessories, such as umbrella covers, that can help extend your umbrella’s life by protecting it when it’s furled.  

Types of solar panel

All solar panels work by allowing the photons generated by the sun to knock electrons free from atoms, which creates an electrical current. 

The photovoltaic cells that make up the solar panel contain the current and pass it to an inverter that converts it from DC to AC.

There are three main types of solar panels that you are likely to find on a solar umbrella.

monocrystalline (mono-Si) or polycrystalline solar panels

The vast majority of those solar panels are going to be monocrystalline panels made from pure silicon.

If you can find a polycrystalline solar panel on a solar umbrella, you’ll get better conversion efficiency.

That being said, given the size of the solar panels found on solar umbrellas, that added efficiency might not add up to much of a benefit.

What is going to make a difference is what protections are put in place around the panel. 

Solar panels aren’t hugely fragile, but having additional protection will keep your solar umbrella working for longer. The best solar umbrellas will have some level of protection around the panel, ensuring that they old up against the elements.

Prioritize those solar umbrellas that have decent protection in place to prevent the solar panel from being scratched or cracked.


As with all electronics, it’s always a good idea to go for products that have a warranty. 

The best solar umbrellas will have some form of warranty; you’ll want to look for coverage on the entire structure, the solar panel, and ideally, a warranty on the fabric of the canopy fading.

Best solar umbrellas

A good solar umbrella will be an indispensable part of your garden furniture, protecting you from the sun and rain and providing you with light when the sun goes down. 

By following our guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying a solar umbrella, and you’ll soon be enjoying its benefits in your outdoor space!

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