Best Books on Renewable Energy

If you have a passion for renewable energy resources, you have come to the right place. Here, we have provided a list of selected literature, which offers loads of information regarding renewable energy sources.

These books on renewable energy also shed light over the impact of alternate energy resources on our society as well as the environment.

In order to gain a glimpse of what these books offer to their readers, here is the brief introduction of the best books on renewable energy.

Top 11 Books About Renewable Energy

1. Sustainable Energy Transformations, Power And Politics: Morocco And The Mediterranean (Routledge Studies In Energy Transitions) 1st Edition

This book is an analysis of energy transitions from past to present. It also explains the challenges and opportunities, linked with the creation of a sustainable energy system. According to the writer, renewable energy sources have the potential to meet the energy needs without damaging the environment

Since the basic theme of this book revolves around the issues faced during a secure and sufficient supply of energy. The book properly deals with this issue in almost every chapter. The text further explains that safe and secure energy is essential for the socio-economic development of humans.

The challenges faced by our society are both economic and environmental. Some of them include global warming, pollution, and the rising cost of energy production. Hence, in the present scenario, energy systems are under great pressure to produce clean, less expensive and sufficient energy.

Apart from explaining what is renewable energy, this book also portrays renewable energy as the most feasible source to meet the energy needs of our planet.

2. Renewable: The World-Changing Power Of Alternative Energy First Edition

Jeremy Shere, the writer of this book has expressed that renewable energy is a magical source, capable of meeting our energy needs. The book throws light over interesting facts about renewable energy resources. It explains why fossil fuel is less efficient and unreliable than renewable sources.

The writer basically explains the 5 types of renewable resources including solar, green gas, wind power, hydropower, and geothermal. However, this book is not persuading or forcing the readers to install solar panels at home or increase the wattage. Rather, it takes readers back into the deep history of renewable energy sources.

We have reached a point, where we have to make a clear decision regarding utilization of renewable technologies. The book further explains that the possibilities are simply endless and promising too. In fact, it is one of the best energy books, which not only tells us how renewable energy works but also explains why our future depends on it.

3. Renewable Energy Resources 3rd Edition

‘Renewable Energy Resources’ retains the format of its first edition. The third edition is an expansion of the previous edition, which provides detailed information regarding the major principles of renewable energy resources. It is one of the authentic books on renewable energy, which discusses the latest advancements in the field of renewable technologies.

Besides explaining the new technologies, it also provides an assessment in line with their impact on our society. It offers an in-depth explanation of each technology by taking into view its environmental as well as scientific aspects. The renewable technologies discussed in this book include photovoltaic, wave, wind, geothermal, solar energy, biofuels, tidal, and hydropower.

The book also features a new chapter that relates to the institutional factors, such as economics. Moreover, it also includes additional case studies and worked problems, which allow readers to put theory into practice.

At the end of each chapter, the writer indicates the suggested readings and web-based study material. This helps students and researchers to clarify their concept by further reading some other works. The text is ideal not only for practitioners but students can also take assistance from the content.

4. Renewable Energy: A First Course 1st Edition

Renewable Energy: A First Course is a perfect textbook for the students of science and engineering. The book provides a simple and balanced introduction to renewable energy sources by focusing on their impact on science, economics, technologies, and policies.

In addition, the book gives the reader an insight that how renewable energy can change our future. The discussed types of renewable technology include geothermal, biofuels, wind, solar power and hydro.

Moreover, it also takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels and renewable energy. Besides renewable energy, the book throws light on some other topics such as energy storage, energy conservation, energy policy, and energy transmission. This makes it one of the best books on renewable energy.

5. Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts For The Energy Change 2nd Edition

After the publication of the first edition of Renewable Energy: Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Energy Change, the world has seen some major changes with reference to energy sources. The writer explained this particular aspect in this second edition (20 to 26 chapters).

It specifically reminds us about the catastrophic Tsunami of March of 2011, which caused large scale destruction in Japan. This also led to a blast at nuclear power plants in Fukushima. The area around the city is still posing a threat, as the radiation level is too high for humans to survive. Hence, according to the author, nuclear power plants are relatively unsafe.

Similarly, the use of fossil fuel has also aggravated the climate condition and served as a fuel for global warming. Therefore, the author apprehends that only viable method to draw energy is to utilize renewable technologies.

6. Renewable Energy: Power For A Sustainable Future Third Edition

This book provides an ample amount of information starting from the energy conversion processes to a comprehensive discussion about the independent renewable sources. Moreover, the reader will get to know how important these resources are and what benefits we can obtain by integrating them into national as well as international networks.

Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, Third Edition, offers a clear insight into renewable energy sources and their prospects. Written in easy to understand manner, this book is an excellent work by the author. Just like some other best books on renewable energy, this particular work serves the purpose well.

The information is up to date, complete, and accurate. The provision of diagrams and illustrations make it an easy to understand book. It will also serve as a great reference book for the students. Offers detailed and comprehensive information about all the prevailing sources of renewable energy.

7. Renewable Energy Systems 1st Edition

Renewable Energy Systems is a well-written book, which covers almost every renewable technology and essential topics related to them.

The text offers its readers detailed information about the understanding of renewable energy sources and materials associated with them.Each chapter provides a guideline about the chapter’s topic and discusses its key features.

This makes it easy to understand book for the students. In addition, examples, section check-ups, and discussion about major technologies allow readers to understand the key points.

8. Alternative Energy For Dummies 1st Edition

Alternative Energy for Dummies is one of the best books on renewable energy, which takes into account the myths and facts about renewable energy source and their proposed impact on our lives.

The book sheds light on the prevailing use of fossil fuel and its impact on the atmosphere. It also explains that in the future, fossil fuel will not be sufficient to meet the needs of our growing population.

This book provides a multifaceted examination of renewable energies. The author comprehensively explains each of the alternative sources and compares it to the drawbacks of fossil fuel in a scientific, economic, political, social, and environmental perspective.

9. Renewable Energy: Physics, Engineering, Environmental Impacts, Economics And Planning 4th Edition

This is a perfect reference book, offering a complete overview of all the renewable energy options. Students and professionals can take assistance from this book when they are facing a technical issue.

The three major parts of the book help the readers to focus on the specific issues, which affect the technological advancement in the field of renewable energy technologies.

This latest edition discusses almost every aspect of alternative energy sources.

It covers various relevant topics such as solar conversion, biofuels, fuel cells, and biomass technologies.

The book also provides information about the storage and transmission of energy produced through renewable resources.

10. Renewable Energy: Forecasting And Risk Management: Paris, France, June 7-9, 2017 (Springer Proceedings In Mathematics & Statistics) 1st Ed. 2018 Edition

This book is a composition of various selected, extended, and revised contributions gathered from the conference “Forecasting and Risk Management for Renewable Energy FOREVER”.The conference took place in June 2017 in Paris.

The text helps to keep our focus on risk management applications and forecasting problems that are arising or may arise in the field of renewable energy. By reading these contributions, one can easily understand all the major aspects associated with the energy production chain. These aspects include:

  • Forecasting and probabilistic modeling of renewable energy sources
  • Future prediction of electricity demand
  • Modeling and forecasting of solar and wind power production
  • Effect of renewable production and its impact on market prices or electricity
  • Maximum operation of micro-grids powered by renewable energy

This book is a masterpiece, written by experts in the field of probability, risk management, statistics, electrical engineering, and economics. Being a multidisciplinary volume, the book is a perfect source of reference on the topic “renewable energy risk management”.

In addition, it will also serve as an inspiration for the probabilists and statisticians, who are keen to work on the issues related to energy sources. This is the reason why we listed it among the best books on renewable energy.

Conclusion on Renewable Energy Books

Renewable energy is a hot topic in the current scenario, as we are striving to meet our ever-growing energy needs. Books like these can help us to reach a decision, which may serve as a turning point. Finding solar power solutions is easy online. All the solar parts you could ever need are at the click of a button.

Our energy issues have a deep impact on climate change and global warming. Hence, discovering cleaner, efficient, and renewable sources of energy is critical for our socio-economic development.

What are your favorite books on renewable energy? Let us know in the comments below.

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