solar-powered inventions

Here is a comprehensive list of some solar-powered inventions you probably never knew they exist.

As more and more people embrace the alternative source of energy, scientists and companies are releasing new inventions every day. In the solar industry, things are not different. The scientists here are coming up with new and amazing solar-powered inventions that you can’t imagine they exist.

With the ever-changing technological developments, especially in sustainable energy technology, doubled with the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, there is no limit to the inventions and gadgets available.

23 Solar-Powered Inventions Worth Getting Excited About

1. Broan 345SOBK Surface Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator, 28-Watt, Black by Broan-NuTone

One incredible solar-powered device that you ought to have is the Broan 345SOBK Attic Ventilator.

The ventilator can convert the energy from the sun into electricity, providing you with up to 537 CFM all year round.

It is straightforward to install and attractive as well. This ventilator helps to keep your house cool, as well as give your air conditioner a longer life.

2. Voltaic Systems Off Grid 10 Watt Solar Backpack 

For those people who are always on the go, a solar backpack is an elegant solution to the dead batteries problem.

You will no longer worry about your phone or laptop dying because of a lack of power, as you will always have that source.

This off-grid solar backpack from Voltaic Systems is one of the most popular and efficient backpacks that we have in the market.

The backpack will ensure you have power for your devices even when you are far away from the grid power connection.

3. Solar Road

SolaRoad is a beautiful bike path found in North Holland, and which is fitted with solar panels. The electricity the solar panels generate, powers the traffic lights and streetlights.

solar-powered inventions

And, since most people are adopting bike traveling, which is a form of traveling that produces zero harmful emissions, the SolarRoad has made it even more enjoyable and greener.

SolaRoad, which was unveiled in 2014, is part of ‘Dutch’s dream, to have their road surfaces act as sources of green energy.

4. SOLSOL Solar Hat Phone Charger

Can you imagine having a hat that charges your phone? Well, this is quite possible. SOLSOL has invented a solar fashion hat that is fitted with five small solar panels.

This awesome 100% cotton hat, can charge various phone types, including Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, LG, among others.

It can also charge 5-volt gadgets such as iPad, iPods, Bluetooth headphones, power banks, and many more.

Therefore, even when you forget to charge your device at home, you need not worry.

5. Portable Solar Panels

You can now buy a range of portable solar panels that can be moved easily from one place to another. Travelers can use, especially when traveling to places without proper access to the electricity grid.

One such portable solar panel is the Renogy 100-watt 12 Volt Foldable. With Renogy 100-Watt 12V, you can quickly charge your gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, among others.

Renogy is a solar inventions company known for its quality products.

6. Solar-Powered Stadiums

Another magnificent solar-powered invention is a sports stadium found in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The power that this stadium uses comes from some 8,844 solar panels which are artistically fixed on the roof.

solar-powered inventions

The stadium, which stands as an architectural masterpiece, can hold up to a capacity of 55,000 spectators.

Also, it can create enough power to cater to around 80% of the households in its locality.

7. Chandelier

Although this chandelier will require a full charge before you can use it, it is an excellent item to add color to your living space. The solar-powered chandelier is also a great way of decorating your garden.

solar-powered inventions
solar-powered chandelier

With the chandelier, you ‘don’t need to light your dinners when you decide to enjoy a picnic outside.

One of these magnificent chandeliers is Solar Light Chandelier by homejelly, which not only offers green lighting but also decorates your space.

8. Solar-Powered Plant Pot

These pots doubles as a vessel to plant your beautiful flowers, and a source of light for your garden or backyard at night. They are also beautiful, which makes them exceptional items to decorate your home, as well as pathways leading to your home.

The plant pots absorb the sunlight during day time, and illuminates at night, providing light to your home.

An excellent example of such a solar-powered plant pot is the Solar Illuminated Planter by Gardener’s Supply Company. The plant pot can run for around 6 to 8 hours when on a full charge.

9. Solar Umbrellas

These are another invention in the solar energy industry that is a game-changer. Solar umbrellas are fitted with LED lights which charge during the day and stores the energy. When the night falls, these umbrellas illuminate and offer a bright source of light for the surrounding.

The solar umbrellas are currently being used in many places, including commercial settings like resorts, hotels, and outdoor restaurants, among others.

ABCCANOPY Solar Umbrellas Patio Umbrella is among the most common solar-powered umbrellas available in the market.

10. Solar Fence Chargers

For those with farms and want to protect their plants or animals against intruders, solar fences are a great invention for this work. There numerous types of solar fence chargers that help keep your solar fence powered all the time.

One such solar fence charger is Premier Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer which is an all-in-one portable 0.60-joule solar charger unit. The solar fence energizer offers a 2-year warranty on both the panels and the energizer.

11. Artificial Leaf Solar Cell

An artificial Leaf Solar Cell is an invention by researchers from the University of Illinois. This leaf solar cell is a game-changer in the field of solar energy and the environment at large.

solar-powered inventions
artificial leaf solar cell

The battery can efficiently convert carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into user-friendly hydrocarbon fuel, using sunlight as the source of energy.

Contrary to how other solar cells work, this artificial leaf solar cell performs the functions of a plant. It comes to solve two problems all at once.

First, it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and the second one is to offer sustainable fuel.

12. Solar-Powered Paint

With this invention, households can now optimize the amount of energy they produce. The solar-powered pain turns the entire surface into an efficient, clean energy generator.

solar-powered inventions
solar-powered paint

This paint is an invention of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, who have come up with a paint that can absorb energy from the sun and moisture. It breaks down the water in the air into two elements, namely hydrogen and oxygen.

The cell then stores the hydrogen element which can be used in fuel cells, and it’s one of the new inventions in solar.

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13. Charging Patio Table

This table is one of the fantastic solar-powered inventions that will leave you amazed. The table allows you to enjoy your outdoors moments without foregoing the comforts you enjoy indoors.

solar-powered inventions

Not only does the table serve you as a surface on which you can place your items while outside, but it’s integrated with PV panels.

These PV panels double both as the top surface of the table, and the source of solar energy to charge your device.

It is a remarkable invention that and a source of off-grid energy to charge most of your devices.

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14. Tote Bag

Bags are some of the most commonly used items by humans. Everywhere you go, you will always find people carrying bags around filled with stuff. Well, currently, numerous companies make tote bags that come with inbuilt solar panels.

The invention has eliminated the need for carrying substantial power banks everywhere you go. This is because, with the solar-powered tote bag, you can charge your devices like phones and tablets whenever you are.

Sun-Plugged Solar Tote Bag is one of such tote bag inventions in the market and that people are increasingly using.

15. Solar Learning Labs

A Solar Learning Lab is an internet hub contained in a shipping container, and that is solar-powered. The internet hub is used to offer a connection to people who reside in off-grid areas. The whole idea behind the project is to eliminate the exclusion threat for people that live in those areas.

Solar Learning Lab
Solar Learning Lab

It helps ensure that these people have access to the internet and that they can access job opportunities among other services.

16. Solar-Powered Cars

A solar car is a vehicle that is designed to run on solar power. Usually, some models of these cars supplement solar power with a battery. They mostly use solar panels to charge batteries, which they then use as the power source.

Lightyear One - At home (1)

The architecture of solar cars combines the technology used in aerospace, alternative energy, bicycle, and automotive industries. An excellent example of a solar-powered vehicle is the Lightyear One car, that can run for 500 miles on a single charge.

The car currently costs around $170k.

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17. Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker And Dutch Oven Kit by Haines

This invention enables you to harness the energy from the sun, to cook your food. The solar cooker is fire-safe and uses solar energy, which is renewable, free, and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t use any fossil fuel.

When cooking, the cooking surface stays sturdily intact while the four petal-like surfaces rotate around it for low or high sunlight.

18. Solar Shade And Solar Generator

The incredible invention not only brings beauty into your home, but it also provides shade and electricity when most needed.

Advaning’s PA Series is one example of such solar shade that provides a beautiful look both for your home and business exterior.

19. Wireless IP Outdoor Solar Camera, SOLIOM 1080p by SOLIOM

For enhanced security, this solar-powered, wireless camera from SOLIOM has it all. Not only does it help you see what goes on in your compound, but it also doesn’t use your electricity.

The camera is 100% wireless, and it has a built-in battery which is sustained by the energy from the sun. Also, it is weather-resistant and offers an excellent night vision.

20. Solar Plug Socket

Dead batteries due to lack of electricity is now a thing of the past due to this invention. The solar plug socket is a window socket that provides a great option to harness the energy from the sun and use to charge your devices.

solar-powered inventions

The gadget uses solar panels to harvest solar power and convert it into electricity. Just attached it to your window and you can charge your devices from solar energy.

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21. SOL Portable Solar Laptop

The SOL portable laptop is a $350 Ubuntu laptop that comes with a set of detachable solar panels. The laptop developers claim that these solar panels will provide an average of 10-hours battery life for just 2 hours of sun exposure.

solar-powered inventions

Therefore, you no longer need to worry when you can’t find a power source in your outdoor expeditions. This solar laptop has you covered to keep your connections on. Another beautiful thing with this laptop is that it’s waterproof, which makes it even handier for outdoor activities.

22. SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera 12MP HD Video

With SPYPOINT SOLAR-W trail camera, you can easily capture beautiful color images during day time IR by night.

The camera comes with features such as in-built solar panels, a rechargeable battery, IR LEDs, 2″ view screen, high-quality camera lens, and multi-shots feature, among many others.

Also, this premium brand comes with a 2-year warranty to guarantee durability. The brand is known to make excellent built-in solar panels, and durable, efficient batteries.

23. Solar Camera Strap

If you have been having a problem of dead camera batteries, then this is an invention that will sort you out. With solar camera strap, you don’t need to worry anymore about your camera running out of power.

solar-powered inventions
solar-powered camera strap

Just plug it into your camera and continue taking your shots without worries. The only thing you should ensure is that it gets strong sunlight and you are good to go.

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Conclusion on Solar-Powered Inventions

With the current advancement in technology, there is an enormous number of new inventions in the solar energy industry.

I hope that in this list of the new solar-powered inventions you will find something that best suits your needs.

What do you think about the numerous solar-powered inventions in the market? Share your views below.

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