Best Solar-Powered Gadgets

Solar-powered gadgets and devices are now so common that it is possible to run an entire home (from charging your gadgets to warming water for taking a bath to power your security alarms) using solar energy.

These gadgets are a great way to reduce your electricity bill and live a more sustainable life. 

These are some of the best solar-powered gadgets for your home.

10 Awesome Solar-Powered Gadgets for Your Home

1. Waterproof Solar Lights Strand

If you love the kind of ambiance that great lights give, get in here!

These lights are great for your backyard. They are round Edison filament bulbs which are round, retro and definitely stylish. They give an Italian outdoor-bistro ambiance to your backyard, your patio or your balcony (depending on where you decide to use them).

It has a strand which is as long as 27 feet as well as 12 G40 LED bulbs.

Each of these bulbs are 20 inches apart. The overall result of this arrangement is a lighted portion of 20 feet that you get to arrange anyhow you deem fit.

Imagine being able to light up your yard without any extra costs on electricity. You can achieve that when you use these bulbs.

The light’s solar panel has a clip-on that which can be used to detach the solar panel and place it under the sunlight during the day.

2. Portable Weather Radio (AM/FM) with a smartphone charger and a 3 LED Flashlight

This item is great for a really bad weather condition where electricity could be tampered with. The manner in which it can be charged makes it so – it is hybrid-powered.

This is an amazing feature as it makes the product fit both extremes of the weather (an extremely hot or an extremely cold weather). Here is a guide on how solar panels react in weather conditions.

It is a solar panel which stays right at its top can be easily charged by connecting it to a wall-plug charger or to a computer (using a USB cord). Therefore, even if there’s an extremely bad weather condition (with no sun), you can still get to hear the news on your radio.

If all else fails you use the hand crank to generate enough power to charge your phone or listen to the radi.

Also, if there are a total blackout, its 3 LED light and its 1000mAh phone charger can be used.

The device is compact and very portable. Therefore, apart from its use in your home, it is also a great investment for camping. The fact that it is hybrid-powered also offers users the best of both worlds.

Also, its battery is highly efficient and of high quality that allows it to last for several years. A solar charge for just 30 minutes when it is dead will let you enjoy two hours of emergency radio use.

3. 6-inch Compact Solar Fan

This 10-watt fan which is really compact has a portable solar panel. This way, it doesn’t use up a lot of space in your home. It is suitable for portions of your home that may need an extra source of ventilation. Instances of such places include a small kitchen, a pet house or a small office in your home. It works using a solar panel directly as opposed to using a rechargeable battery.    

Since its works better with direct sunlight, you are sure that you won’t get extremely hot while using it in a place that is heated up, due to the heat of the sunlight.

Its solar panel was crafted using a plastic case which is very light and makes it possible to fasten it using its cords, depending on where you need it.

You can also carry the device in a case whereby you need to camp in summer. The sun will help it charge while it will work efficiently to ensure you have a great time.

4. Solar-Powered Dummy Security CCTV Cameras

This is a great gadget for you if you want to enjoy the benefits of having CCTV cameras without having a single one. It is a set of dummy cameras that you can install in different places within your house to make it look like you have CCTV cameras installed.

The cameras blink while they’re up and running, giving a red light that would make it look like a potential burglar is being filmed. This way, burglars and vandals will stay off your property while you would have facilitated this at a cost relatively lower than the cost of actual CCTV cameras.

The cameras were made using durable materials and they can be installed very easily. They are also great for indoor as well as outdoor use. A set gives you 4 dummy solar cameras that can be used for various portions of your house.

Although they work with solar energy, in weather conditions where there is no sunlight, use can get 2 AA batteries and insert it in them to get them working again.

5. Solar Water Fountain

You might wonder why a fountain is so important, but if you are someone who pays attention to air quality, then you might consider this solar-powered gadget.

Having a fountain in your home is a good way to maintain the humidity of the air in an outdoor or even an indoor area. If you have tropical plants with high humidity, this is a gadget you would absolutely need.

While regular fountains need a pumping system (usually external) of some sort to get them running, a solar fountain only needs some sunshine to get its internal pump running.

Following a few seconds of getting direct sunlight, the solar fountain works. This item allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a fountain at a lower cost and a highly reduced stress level.

It can be used in your patio, your balcony or your garden.

6. Solar-Powered Mole Repellent

No one likes to have to mice or moles around them. Especially when growing a garden, it gets really bad as your vegetables can become worthless with these animals around. Without using solar power those dangerous poisonous substances that can kill these moles yet harm humans, you can now kill these moles using this mole repellent.

It emits sonic pulses every 20 seconds. These sonic pulses are really repulsive to moles, hence, they move away. It uses a frequency which is not life-threatening to your pets or other animals and wildlife around you.

Since it is a weatherproof item, it is easy to transfer it from place to place.

All you need to do is insert the mole repellent within the earth, but close to a mole hole underneath the sunlight.

When the sunlight is full, when you charge it for up to 4 hours, the repellent can work as long as 5 days without any interruption, whether the weather favors it or not.

The battery recharges from the solar panel automatically, so your energy is saved.  

7. Solar Portable Smartphone Charger

Imagine a world without power banks.

Of course, a world without power banks is not one many smartphone users would like. Power banks are very helpful in a case where you have to go on long road trips. In cases of power outages, you also need your power bank to ensure you can keep up with your power demands.

Things like keeping your smartphone charged is very important to you as you may need to take cute pictures for memories.

Imagine having a power bank that you don’t need to charge your device using a power bank that needs to be charged using a socket.

This gadget is a portable smartphone charger that has a solar panel with which you charge it. However, it also has a charging port for which you can charge it with electricity. The solar panel is an advantage that makes it useful for emergency situations.

It can also be carried around easily as it has a handy loop. This allows you to hang it on your bag such that it can be charging while taking a walk. Its compatibility level is also high as it can work with a wide range of devices.

8. Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

These outdoor lights were made for security purposes. They are the best in class in a case where you are choosing security over ambiance when considering your choice of outdoor lights.

They are super luminous, entirely solar and have motion sensor activation. The lights cover an angle of up to 270⁰ and they are also waterproof. Since they come in a pack of four, you can be guaranteed a secure environment as the lights will come on brightly if there is any movement.

Such illumination would increase your electricity bill, but since it has a solar panel, you wouldn’t have such an increase. The device charges very fast is easy to design and is also more sensitive than the conventional security lights on the market.

Looking for more eco-friendly outdoor lighting choices? Check our detailed round-up reviews on the best solar motion lights and best solar deck lights.

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9. 20 Liter Solar Shower Bag

With solar shower bags, you can keep enjoying hot showers all day long. The bag achieves this through its PVC material that has the ability to absorb sun rays that keeps heating up the water in the bag. If it stays for about 3 hours under the sunlight, the water can be warmed up to about 45⁰C.

You don’t need to use your electricity to power a water heater with this item. In addition, it needs no solar panel. All the shower bag needs is direct heating of its water by the sun. Once the sun heats it up, then the water gets ready for your warm bath.

It has an indicator attached to it, to tell you the water’s temperature. It also has an on/off switch and pressure nodes for high/low pressures.

While you may be wondering how its water doesn’t leak, it usually comes with several fabric layers in a bid to make it leak-proof. Just as the name implies, you can store up to 20 liters of water in it.

10. Window-Mounted Solar Charger

In a world where users hardly want to drop their handheld devices for charging, this is one important gadget.

Even if you are having electrical issues, this is one charger that helps ensure that your gadgets stay powered all day.

You can literally forget this gadget at a window in your house where it can receive sunlight directly.

It allows you to have an extra source of power for charging your gadgets, in extreme cases of a power outage.

It is a device that is also great for you if your phone battery constantly runs low.


In the past decade, the use of solar power has become more embraced. The fact that it is accessible makes it quite easy to use, especially with the drive towards a greener earth.

The once upon a time regular gadgets that users enjoyed using, now have their solar counterparts. 

While there are several solar-powered gadgets out there, every home must have some particular solar gadgets if the aim is to run the house on green energy.

If you are looking to evolve with the new trends in the world, embracing solar energy could be a good start. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these cool solar powered toys for other inspiration on solar around the home. 

What do you think about these solar-powered gadgets? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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