Solar Backpack

Solar backpacks have made significant strides since their first introduction into the market and have greatly improved in features.

We have selected the best solar backpacks for a range of different needs to help you travel and keep all your devices charged on the go.

9 Best Solar Backpacks in 2024

Here is the list we have compiled of the several solar backpacks we consider superior in the market based on intensive research.

1. ECEEN Hiking Backpack, 7 Walls Solar Panel Charge

First on our list is the ECEEN Hiking Backpack. With this backpack, you can charge various devices from tablets, cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, eReaders, and GoPro cameras, among others. The Eceen solar-powered backpack comes in several models, including day pack and hydration bags.

Also, it comes in different sizes, as well as color options which give the users a wide variety from which to choose.

ECEEN hiking backpack uses a 7-watt solar panel for all their packs. Although it doesn’t come with an inbuilt battery, we still regard this as a superior solar backpack because of its numerous features.

Regarding the battery, you can use the portable Jackery Giant charger. The backpack is very convenient if you want to charge many devices, and its large volume of 42 liters is excellent for long travels.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • Has a high-efficiency cell of up to 22%
  • The solar backpack is spacious but still lightweight
  • The pack also includes a water bladder.
  • An anti-scratch material covers the solar panel
  • Water-resistant and weatherproof

An ECEEN hiking backpack is one of the top solar backpacks in the market today.

2. Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops

Array Rapid solar backpack is an excellent product from Voltaic Systems. The backpack includes three monocrystalline solar panels with a total of 10W, and which produces 6V or 18V. These solar panels are detachable, and you can wash them separately, as well as fit them in a way that they directly face the sun.

With one of the strongest battery capacities of 20,000mAh, this backpack can serve you well and charge almost all your small devices. Additionally, it features 3 USB ports of varying power outputs, including 12V/4A, 16V/3.5A, as well as 19V/3A. With these multiple ports, the backpack allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Moreover, you can charge a Voltaic backpack through a power outlet, which makes it even more incredible.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • A strong battery pack that can fully charge a laptop in 6 hours and a smartphone for one hour. The battery pack stores solar energy that you can use even when the sunshine is not available.
  • Long lasting solar panels and a sturdy backpack built of a rugged material that is exceptionally durable.
  • Comes with a warranty of two years for the solar panels, as well as a one-year warranty for the backpack.
  • Very comfortable to carry around as it is fitted with padded straps which are friendly on your shoulders.
  • Includes a side pocket where you can put a water bottle.

3. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack with Removable 7 Wall Solar Panel

The XTPower is an excellent option for those looking for a large backpack to accommodate adequate gear. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack comes with a built-in 10,000mAh battery, as well as a detachable solar panel fixed at its back. The backpack is ideal for charging tablets, GPS, smartphones, as well as Bluetooth and GoPro gadgets.

Due to its large size, the backpack comes with a compact suspension and frame that enable it to handle large loads. It also has two loops which you can use to put water bottles, ice axes, and more. The 7W rated solar panel is ideal as it can produce enough energy to cater to several devices.

The solar backpack package includes one backpack, one 6.5 W solar panel that comes with USB output of 6V 1.1 A, and one USB to Micro-USB charging cable. Also, the backpack is built of Nylon that is designed to be long lasting and waterproof. It weighs around 1.8lbs

Pros of buying this backpack

  • Quality: XTPower brand main target is exceptional quality and satisfaction for their customers.
  • The high performance 7W detachable solar panel generated enough power for the batteries to charge numerous devices.
  • The solar cells are a high-efficiency level of 22%, which enables them to derive maximum energy from sunlight as compared to other panels.
  • Scratch resistant solar panels which increase durability.
  • The backpack is flexible, strong, but still light.

4. ECEEN Hiking Backpack Removable Frame Pack 10W by ECEEN

ECEEN brand has, in many years, proven to produce quality solar backpacks that give other companies a run for their money. With numerous and high-quality features, this product is one of the best solar backpacks, especially for the outdoor severe adventurists and hikers.

The bag comes with a foldable solar cell phone charger, a massive 10000mAh battery pack, and a 2-liter water bladder.

The other features that keep this product ahead of competition include the highly efficient detachable solar panel, its ample storage space, multiple USB ports, and more. It also featured with many modern comforts and adjustability features. However, this product comes at a relatively premium price due to the many premium features.

The solar backpack package includes one hiking backpack, 1pc of 10W solar panel, one battery of 10000mAh capacity, a 2-liter water bladder bag, one charger cable, and two manual pieces.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • The large battery capacity of 10000mAh which will help you charge numerous electronic devices
  • The backpack contains a large water bag
  • Both the pack and the solar panels are incredibly durable
  • Comes with several storage compartments
  • Although large, the backpack is relatively lightweight
  • A one-year warranty

5. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack 7-Watt Solar Panel

Another great and notable brand in the solar backpack market today is SolarGoPack.  Their quality products have made them earn an essential place in the market. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack is one of their best products and which has an output of 7W and a battery storage capacity of 10,000mAh.

The backpack is ideal for long adventurous trips as it will keep your smartphone, laptops, flashlights, as well as other devices functional. You don’t have to miss any communication because of a dead battery.

Also, part of the backpack is built of polyester and nylon material, which makes the bag light and waterproof. If you are looking for a rugged solar backpack that is of high quality and durable, SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack is your backpack.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • The backpack is durable, flexible, stylish and lightweight
  • The large battery capacity of 10,000mAh
  • Waterproof li-polymer battery
  • Also comes with micro USB cables
  • The solar backpack is ideal for sports, hiking, travel, as well as emergency power outages.
  • 40-liter storage which can accommodate plenty amount of your items. It also includes a laptop sleeve.
  • The straps are padded to create comfort when carrying it.

6. Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

This is another beautiful product that comes with a 10W solar panel that ensures that most of your devices can be charged.

The Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10Watt backpack comes with multiple exceptional features that give it a competitive advantage over most backpacks in the current market.

The backpack can generate solar power that can charge devices such as flashlights, smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS navigators, and more.

Benefits of buying this backpack

  • The solar panels are very durable since they are built by a rugged material, as well as robust solar cells, which allows it to endure harsh conditions.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the battery pack, as well as a 2-year warranty on the solar panels.
  • The battery pack can store solar power even when there are dense clouds, ensuring constant power.
  • The monocrystalline solar cells can fully charge smartphones with just 3 hours of direct sunlight exposure.
  • Comprises of a large primary storage partition that you can use to store most of your items. Also, it includes a padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 15inch laptop and a 10inch tablet.
  • The solar backpack is compatible with numerous devices, and therefore, you can charge a large section of your electronics comfortably.

7. PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer, 30L Solar Backpack w/ 10000mAh Battery

The PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer solar backpack comes as a classy and lightweight hydration backpack that is ideal for most outdoor adventures.

With a flexible solar panel and a massive 10000mAh battery pack, your charging needs for all your small devices are sorted.

When packing for that air travel or hiking, this 30-litter rugged solar backpack will provide you with enough storage for your items. You don’t have to worry about the space for your items or the lack of power for your electronic gadgets.

All your devices from smartphones, laptops, Go Pro, tablets, wireless headphones, and more, are all catered for when you buy PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • A strong and durable solar panel
  • Large 10,000mAh battery capacity
  • Rugged, sturdy backpack fitted with numerous compartments for your various items.
  • Ideal for any adventure, no matter where you go, including air travel, biking, hiking and more.
  • The battery pack can be charged from AC or through the USB charging port which allows you to charge it before you start your trip.
  • Suitable for multiple power emergencies, especially when you are off-grid.

8. Birksun Solar Backpack (Mythos Black)

Another backpack that caught our attention is the Birksun solar backpack. This product is one of the best solar backpacks around, for outdoor adventures.

With an in-built lithium-ion battery that produces 3000mAh, it can charge your devices at an output of 2.4amps which is as fast as a wall charger.

Besides, the backpack is a comfortable computer backpack that comes with a high-tech solar panel that allows you to charge any USB gadget.

The interior of this bag is covered by a beautiful fabric that cushions your electronics and belongings from damage. Its cross-stitching design forms a durable and artistic product. You can read more about Birksun in our review if you’d like to learn more.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • Ideal backpack for outdoor travels
  • Fast charging battery pack for your devices with an output of 2.4amps
  • A waterproof solar panel
  • High-quality fabric and stitching
  • Just 2 minutes in sunlight translates to 1% of battery power.
  • The backpack is TSA approved

9. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack with USB Charging Port

If you are looking for a great laptop backpack with solar panels, then Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack is just that product for you. This solar backpack is one of a kind and comes with numerous attractive features. The solar backpack has enough space to hold a 15.6inch laptop comfortably and secure.

With the 5.3Watts solar panel, which is also detachable, the backpack can generate significant power to keep your cell phone and other small gadgets functional. The solar cells are also highly efficient, with a transfer rate of up to 24%. Also, the panel can be used individually when detached from the backpack.

However, it is good to note that the solar cells don’t store power directly and, you have to use a power bank if you want to save energy.

Pros of buying this backpack

  • The solar panel is highly efficient
  • Has a large capacity that can accommodate a 15.6inch laptop, books, clothes, mobile phone, as well as other personal items.
  • Light and comfortable to carry due to the adjustable and padded shoulder straps which are designed to ease pressure on your shoulders.
  • It has a breathable mesh that ensures you don’t feel too hot, especially when using it in the summer sun.
  • Made of a high-quality waterproof oxford fabric
  • Relatively cost friendly

What is a Solar Backpack?

With the daily advancement in technology, we have become so attached to various gadgets that you can’t imagine living a minute without them. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are among the many devices that have changed our way of living, and therefore, most people hate it when their battery dies.

Whether you are going for a short outdoor stroll or a few days of adventure, solar backpacks will ensure that your gadgets stay functional.

Due to the existence of numerous brands of solar backpacks available today, I have prepared a comprehensive list of the best solar backpacks to choose from.

But before that, let us understand what solar backpacks are and how they operate.

Just as the name suggests, a solar backpack is a rucksack that comes with a small, built-in solar panel and batteries. The solar cells help to convert energy that comes from sunlight into electricity.

The electricity is then stored in the batteries and is used to charge portable electrical devices such as phones, flashlights (check out our separate guide to the best solar flashlights), and more.

Solar backpacks vary in storage volume, battery capacity, solar panel output, among other features. With the advancement in technology, different companies are introducing more and more features into these backpacks.

All this gives the user a wide range to choose from and ensures quality due to the stiff competition.

How Solar Backpacks Work

A solar backpack will, in most cases contain flexible monocrystalline solar cells, a battery, plugs, charge controller, light bulbs, and cords. When sunlight hits the solar panel, the cells convert the sunlight energy into solar power, which it then stores in the in-built battery.

The packs offer the user a max power of up to 120Wh in a day, which can provide power gadgets with up to 300W rating.

Solar backpacks can be employed in disaster relief, international aid, field research, and emergency power, among other situations. No matter the case, as long as there is sunlight, your devices will be on.

What to Consider when Buying a Solar Backpack

Before paying for that solar backpack, there are several things you ought to consider, and which will help you make the right choice.

Based on your requirements, here are these factors you should not fail to check.

  • Charging Voltage

Different backpacks will have varying charging voltages. You don’t want to buy something with too little voltage that it can’t charge your devices. For example, most electronic devices, like phones, mostly require 5V to charge. Therefore, anything below that might give you unnecessary challenges when you want to charge.

For this reason, you should look for a backpack that has a voltage specification greater or equal to your charging needs. This way, you can comfortably charge any devices that you carry. Use this guide on solar battery charging basics to learn more.

  • Power Usage

Although mostly confused with voltage, we measure power usage in milliampere-hours (mAh), especially for small appliances. It is the amount of power that your gadgets need to charge. In most cases, this is indicated on the technical specs part of the device.

For example, a 2500 milliampere-hour solar backpack, will charge a device of 1000 milliampere-hour gadget for 2 and a half times without recharging the solar pack. You should check this against the mAh requirement of your devices.

  • USB Ports

The more the USB ports a solar backpack has, the better. A solar pack with more than one USB port is great as it allows you to charge more than one device simultaneously. Although most will come with only one, there are a few that have two, but which cost a bit higher.

If you want to carry multiple devices for your trip, better get that backpack that will allow multiple charging. Why carry a dead phone while charging your flashlight or GPS navigator? Be able to charge them both.

  • Durability

Since solar backpacks are not that cheap, you should ensure that the cost matches the durability and the features of the backpack. A solar backpack should be made of a material that lasts long, and that will withstand those extreme weather conditions.

Both the solar panel system and the bag itself, ought to be durable enough to ensure that you enjoy your outdoor travel, especially in harsh conditions.

  • Weight and Volume

When it comes to weight, a lightweight backpack is mostly preferred. This is because you want a backpack that you can comfortably carry on your back, whether it’s for short or long travel without much strain on your body.

In terms of volume, this will depend on the purpose for which the backpack is bought. If you require to carry just a few items, then a small bag is okay.

If you need to go for a more extended trip that requires you to pack more items, the larger the volume, the better.

  • Your Budget

The much that you have planned to spend will significantly affect what you buy. With solar backpacks, the price is mostly dependent on the brand, and the features included on the backpack. Solar backpacks from known brands tend to be more expensive, as well as the ones with multiple features.

Depending on your budget, you should carefully evaluate all the pros and cons of certain brands before coming into a conclusion to buy.

Through this, you will have a clear picture before making the decisions. In most cases, if you want a long-term product, you must spend more.

  • Reviews

When conducting your research, you should also look at the solar backpack reviews made by other customers. These will help you see if the backpack you intend to buy has had previous complaints or what users are saying about it. By doing this, you can then make an informed decision.

Better reviews mean more customer satisfaction, and that may be what you need. Don’t go for a blind purchase. The more informed you are, the better decision you are likely to make.

Pros and Cons Of Solar Backpacks & Final Review

These are some of the major benefits of solar backpacks, including things to consider that might happen with your backpack over time.

Our pros and cons analysis will help you find a backpack that is most suitable for your lifestyle. Start living completely off the grid and behind the meter.


Whether you are going for a biking adventure, hiking, or any other outdoor travel, a solar backpack is an essential item that you should have.

Both for carrying your belongings and for keeping your devices operational, a solar backpack is a complete package for your needs. I believe that this solar backpack review will help you identify the best solar backpack that suits your requirements.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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