Solar Powered Toys

It is important to get kids familiar with the basic concepts of sustainability. 

One way to raise smarter and happier children is by actively engaging ourselves in their learning process and motivate them to be the future generation the planet will need. 

No better way to motivate them than by giving them cool toys to learn and have fun with! These are some of the best solar powered toys for your home.

12 Best Solar Powered Toys: Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fun

1. Thames & Kosmos Solar Mechanics

  • Learn how solar power is converted into mechanical energy in a fun and hands-on way with this Parent’s Choice Award Winner solar panel toy.
  • The kit includes a single-piece solar motor composed of a PV cell and electric motor in a compact unit. More than 20 solar-powered models can be built with one single kit.
  • Full-color experimental manual included, with step-by-step illustrated instructions. Build cars, trucks, planes, windmills, waterwheels, robots and other vehicles.
  • Conduct experiments with the solar cell to learn how different placement angles, light levels, different sources of light and different loads affect the operation.
  • Suitable for ages 8+

2. 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot

Lead your kid onto the engineering path by assembling a robot that will run on solar power with this solar power kit.

  • Your kids will learn the basics of solar energy and get curious about other renewable energy sources while having fun with this solar panel toy for kids.
  • The solar panel included in the kit converts solar energy into electric energy to drive the motor. No batteries required.
  • The kit includes 190 pieces to build different robots that combine robotics with solar power in one toy. Make younger children build entry-level robots and older kids can explore their skills with advanced level bots. A step-by-step detailed guide is included.
  • Develop your kids’ manual know-how, problem-solving skills, improve logical thinking while learning the importance of teamwork & collaboration. Enhance children’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Skills.
  • Suitable for boys and girls of 8+.

3. Wooden Model Solar Car Kit to Build

If you and your family have declared a war to plastic, there are also a few nice options for your kids. Wooden solar kits.

  • This solar panel toy allows 8+ young inventors to build and paint their robot racing car. So, they integrate both their engineering and artistic skills into one single toy.
  • Boys and girls will learn problem-solving and attention to detail while following the manual instructions. It also incentives their spatial thinking and hand dexterity while fun time passes by.
  • The result is a racing wooden solar-powered car that you and your kids can paint to play with or to display on your desk or bookshelf.
  • All the parts and tools required to build the solar-powered model come in the box. No need for screws or extra tools. No batteries required
  • Safe and eco-friendly building toy. Made out of real wood and lab-tested safe materials. CPC certified.

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4. Fuel Cell 10 Car & Experiment Kit

Here another Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner. The Fuel Cell 10.

  • You might feel dragged yourself to join and share the fun with your kids. This solar power car toy is a tool for the whole family to learn about green mobility. If you know nothing about solar cells, start by playing with your kids.
  • Build a toy car that runs on water. First, solar energy is used to split water into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Then, the fuel cell uses these two gases to produce electricity. That electricity moves the toy car all around the floor and the only by-product is water.
  • This solar panel toy allows you to experiment with a fuel cell. Learn how solar cells turn sunlight into electricity. You will need 2 AA batteries as well.
  • For 10+ boys and girls.
  • Awarded with 2011 Dr. Toy Best Classic Toy and 2010 Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

5. 4M Green Science Solar Rover Kit for Kids

This solar power kit is all about the environment.

  • If you have a curious kid at home, interested in renewables and mechanics, this solar power kit for kids is the right gift. 
  • This nice kit is both environmentally friendly and a nice way to teach science to your kids.
  • With this solar power kit, you can build a Rover with a soda can. So, your kids will also get in tune with recycling and its potential. The kit contains a solar panel that turns sunlight into electricity to run the motor.
  • Build your Solar Rover with the included detailed instructions, take it outdoors on a sunny day and the magic happens. It can also be used indoors, as long as there is some light source to work with. No batteries required.
  • Ideal for 8 – 15 years old kids.

6. OWI Super Solar Recycler

Talking about eco-friendly toys. Here comes the OWI Super Solar Recycler Kit.

  • This multiple award-winning solar panel toy will lead your kids to start having fun in a sustainable and eco-friendly way while teaching them the value of recycling and waste.
  • OWI Super Solar Recycler makes you repurpose old scratched CDs, used cans and even old water bottles. It is like making their own Wall-E Robot.
  • Apart from recycling, they will build a robot that completely works with sunlight. That means, no batteries are necessary.
  • With this solar power motion toy, kids can create a street Roller, a walking Robot, bottle yacht, flying bird or a drummer robot.

7. 4WD Solar Powered Climbing Vehicle Motor

If you thought solar power toy kits only reach to robots and simple car toys, think twice.

  • This Solar Powered toy car is more than just a car. It is a 4WD climbing vehicle that climbs over obstacles up to 50 mm high.
  • Teach your kids about mechanical transmission in a fun way by assembling this solar power 4WD car that runs on sunlight. They’ll develop interest for both green energy and mechanics.
  • Assembly involves simple screwing and wiring. It also requires one AA battery

8. OWI Solar Space Fleet

Kid’s imagination will go beyond space with this solar power motion toy.

  • This solar power kit for kids will teach them how sunlight can fuel today’s transport and tomorrow’s. Watch how the vehicle goes faster or slower, depending on light intensity. It works both indoors and outdoors.
  • This kit can be easily be assembled by kids without any adult’s aid. Let them build their robot and watch it go.
  • Quick and easily, build 7 different space modules with one single kit:
    1. Space Station
    2. Robot
    3. Rover
    4. Vehicle
    5. Astronaut
    6. Shuttle
    7. Dog
  • The micro rechargeable battery (included) can be charged with two AA batteries or the solar cell. No extra tools required.

9. National Geographic Solar Powered Mars Rover

Many kids dream of going to space. Make your Mars exploration little fans’ imagination to cut loose. Reward them with this wooden solar power kit offered by National Geographic.

  • This Mars Rover assembly kit contains all the fun and information for kids to play with. A highly detailed learning guide with fun facts about space exploration is also included.
  • All you need to bring it together is inside the box. Laser-cut wooden components, solar panel, gear components, and sandpaper included. No need for special tools. Fully illustrated, step-by-step building manual and kit included.
  • Join your kids and assemble this 3D puzzle with them. Spark their interest in engineering, model – building, space exploration, and renewable energy.
  • Develop kid’s critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. STEM toys are great for developing children’s analytical skills.

10. Pica Toys Wooden Solar & Wireless Remote Control Robotics kit

Apart from assembling and powering it with sunlight, this toy can be driven with a remote control.

  • Incentive your kids’ intellectual development, know-how, hands-on skills, instructions following and interactive skills with this fun engineering toy set.
  • Everything needed comes in the box. Parts, accessories and a manual guide to bring it all together and make it work.
  • Safe and top quality materials. Blocs are made out of chemical-free, organic wood material.
  • Engage kids to learn how to follow instructions and get familiar with accomplishment by building a real working toy.
  • Great option for parents to join kids on an interesting task while having fun and engaging in an analytical and problem-solving activity.

11. Thames & Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop

Another way to learn and play with solar energy.

This Physics Solar Workshop kit is like Legos that move and lift things themselves.

  • Learn how sunlight is transformed by solar cells into electricity, and how mechanical devices seize that energy to get the work done.
  • Build up to five different models that perform different tasks all powered with solar energy. Start with a simple helicopter that rotates their blades, and continue with a solar-bot, a moon rover, stag beetle and finish with a cool praying mantis that truly moves like an insect.
  • Models can also be powered by a battery in case there of poor lighting conditions.
  • Suitable for 8+ years old kids.

12. Toysmith Solar Hoot Owl

  • Place this solar motion owl in a sunny and bright spot to bring it to life. Watch it move his head by using sun power.
  • Recommended for kids 6+.
  • Just place it on a desk or windowsill where the sunlight reaches the solar panel and watch it move.

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Solar Powered STEM Toys

Manufacturers are also moving towards STEM toys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM toys involve the development of analytical and problem-solving skills for kids by bringing kids to assemble their own toys. Children develop that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment by playing with what they brought together themselves.

In this guide we’ve shown you some of the coolest solar panel toys for kids and parents to learn about solar energy, mechanics, robotics and science.

Some of them are more eco-friendly than others, but they are all solar panel toys and will lead your kids to develop outstanding capabilities. Most importantly, children will get familiar and learn about renewable energy.

Why we Love Solar Powered Toys

Whether you already have a little genius at home, or you want your kids to develop advanced skills for their future, these solar-powered toys are a good way to go. 

It is also an opportunity to gather the family and start learning some science together.

Solar energy has many advantages. It uses the infinite power of the sun, it has no potentially harmful moving parts, and it is easily customizable according to the necessary power need. 

These sun power features make the perfect system to integrate it into toys. That way, the whole family gets motivated to learn and support this technology.

Solar cells now make sun power motion toys possible.

At the same time, the inclusion of solar cells into toys removes the need to plug them for recharge to make them work.

The energy consumption of toys might not represent a large figure of the total but it is more about bringing kids to familiarize themselves with this source.

Toys manufacturers have included solar cells into toys, resulting in cool solar powered motion toys. Conventional car toys are now solar-powered car toys.

Traditional toys with internal springs do not need to be pushed on or pulled anymore to start moving. Now, the inserted solar cells in the toy body turns them into solar-powered dancing toys.

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