Solar products are becoming more and more readily available as the cost of manufacturing solar panels continues to decline. Here are some of the best solar products for your home.

Manufacturers are becoming more and more familiar with this technology and a growing number of appliances powered by this renewable energy are available on the market.

8 Best Solar Products For Your Home

1. Solar Garden Equipment

The shelves of garden stores are filled with solar-powered equipment. And it makes sense: since they are by definition used outdoors, they are exposed to the sun at all times (as long as the weather is nice, of course…).

There are therefore many solar lamps or tables equipped with photovoltaic panels. 

Some of these tables have built-in power sockets allowing you to plug in small electrical appliances and USB ports so you can charge your smartphone or tablet without having to leave the garden.

You can purchase a solar-powered garden fountain like Solatec Solar Fountain to make your garden look amazing and continue running with no power needed from you. 

2. Solar Oven

With the considerable development of the photovoltaic cell industry, solar ovens like the Sunflair portable solar dutch oven have made spectacular progress. Some have even become direct competitors to traditional ovens.

Of course, not all solar oven models are created equal and you should pay attention to certain criteria before acquiring your solar oven.

For example, the size of the reflectors must be large enough to let in as much light as possible, which will then be converted into heat. The oven must also be well sealed so that heat does not escape.

There are two types of solar ovens: the parabolic oven, which is open, and the closed box-type oven. These two types of ovens have different characteristics.

The reflective surfaces of solar ovens must be well cleaned in order to maximize the heating power of the cooker. Wipe these surfaces with a soft cloth after each use.

Solar cooking has several advantages. The first is that it preserves all the nutritional qualities of the food, which is good for the future.

Another advantage, and not the least, is to preserve the environment, as this type of cooking does not produce any CO2 emissions.

3. Solar Lighters

The sun can also be used as a substitute for gas and operate a lighter. This is the case of the Suncase solar lighter developed by the Solar Brother company, which won an award at the French Lepine competition.

This lighter uses 3 parabolic mirrors in order to concentrate the sun’s rays and allow a 3-second ignition in sunny weather. If the sun fails to shine, the Suncase can use the gas as a supplement.

Very compact, it slips easily into a pocket or bag. It is also waterproof, unlike conventional lighters. 

4. Bluetooth Speakers

And if you already have a table and a solar oven, why not add solar-powered Bluetooth speakers to brighten up your outdoor or beach parties? Some of them are completely waterproof, so you can even use them by the pool or in the sea.

A traditional speaker needs to be recharged after a few hours of use, but not a solar speaker! This will give you a very pleasant feeling of freedom without all those wires!

And icing on the cake, some of them also act as USB chargers to charge your smartphone or tablet, which you’re bound to have with you as a music source.

Another important advantage is that the sound quality of a mobile phone is not necessarily very good. It’s still better to connect your smartphone to a speaker with top sound quality.

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5. Solar Cookers

Parabolic solar cookers like the GoSun Sport work on the principle of concentration and reflection of the sun’s rays.

The Sport’s tubular design converts nearly 80% of the sunlight entering the refectories into heat and can reach temperatures up to 550°F and cook a meal in only 20 minutes. 

These parabolic cookers use mirrors or highly reflective aluminum blades to focus the sun’s rays very precisely on the pot, which rests on a device designed to hold the dish or dishes to be cooked (depending on the model and the size of the containers).

Unlike some parabolic cookers, you don’t need to make frequent adjustments. 

The parabola that reflects the light is dazzling, sunglasses are necessary to avoid eye burns and supervision of children is essential.

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6. Solar Toys

Sunny weather is the perfect time to play with your children outside. Why not take the opportunity to introduce them to solar energy? That’s what solar toys like the Pica Toys Wooden Solar Wireless Remote Control Car offer to do.

In the shape of small animals or plants, these little toys will allow you to explain to your children all the benefits of the energy offered by the sun.

The French brand Heliobil goes one step further and offers mobiles and models in the shape of animals, trains, merry-go-rounds… all made of wood and powered by solar energy.

Check out these solar-powered toys to consider

7. Solar Backpacks

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts are not forgotten, with a growing choice of solar backpacks like this 7W Solar Backpack from ECEEN.

The operation is simple: the backpack is equipped with small solar panels that allow you to have a small reserve of energy available to charge your phone or Mp3 player.

The energy produced is indeed not very important (no more than 7 watts). It takes at least 8 hours of charging time, but this varies according to the amount of sunlight.

For all its advantages, it’s easy to get carried away and choose the first solar-powered backpack that comes along. But keep in mind that there are some things to consider before you choose one.

Factors such as weight, durability and capacity are just a few of the factors that need to be considered.

If you buy on the Internet, don’t hesitate to read the customer reviews before you decide. Here are some of the best solar backpacks to consider. 

8. Solar Hats

Granted, it may seem paradoxical, but thanks to the sun, you will soon be no longer warm. The reason? A sun cap protects you from UV rays and refreshes you.

Photovoltaic cells placed on top of the cap power a mini fan, which is delicately inserted into the visor. So while it may not be the best-fitting fashion accessory available, what’s not to keep you cool on the beach?

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