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As solar technology develops and solar panels become increasingly affordable to manufacture, we’re seeing more and more types of solar home products being introduced into the market. You can now find a range of items that you can use with just the natural energy of the sun instead of powering with electricity or batteries.

12 best solar home products for home and beyond

Eco-conscious people across the world are embracing solar power in their houses and businesses, setting up home solar systems to power their appliances and devices. This is a fantastic way to supplement your energy use with a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, and reduce your reliance on mains electricity or go off-grid altogether.

Another way to harness the sun’s energy is by using solar devices – there is a wide range of products available, from outdoor lighting to ovens and refrigerators. Many have built-in solar panels and batteries that allow you to charge them in the sun for later use, while others can be connected to solar systems or use the sun’s energy in other ways.

Whatever the case, all of these solar home products rely on eco-friendly, clean, and reliable solar energy. Environmental concerns aside, solar-powered devices are excellent options when mains electricity is not available, for example when camping, RVing, or in case of emergencies.

1. Solar garden equipment

It’s not surprising that there’s a wide range of solar-powered garden equipment available: by definition, garden items are used outdoors and so have plenty of exposure to the sun, making them great, low-maintenance solar home products. Furthermore, solar can give you access to power in corners of your yard where it may be difficult to connect the equipment to mains electricity.

solar fountain
Solar fountain is a fun cableless way to decorate your garden.
Source: Flickr / steve p2008

There are a range of solar lighting solutions to light up your house and yard, from deck lights and motion lights to pool lights and hanging solar lights.

There are also decorative items like solar-powered fountains which can add something special to your yard without using any electricity or messy cables. For example, the Solatec Solar Fountain is ideal for creating a running water feature in a bird bath, pond, or fish tank.

The kit includes a submersible pump, a 1.4-watt solar panel, and four different nozzle heads for various sprayers for up to 20 cm (or eight inches) of water height. Along with decorative applications, the solar pump can also be used to circulate water and oxygenate an aquarium, pond, or fish tank.

2. Solar ovens

With the considerable development of the photovoltaic cell technology, solar ovens are one of the few solar home products that can rival their non-solar counterparts. Solar cooking also has several advantages: not only is it the perfect, eco-friendly way to cook while camping or trekking, but it also helps to preserve the nutritional value of the food.

parabolic solar oven
Solar over with parabolic reflectors

There are two types of solar ovens: closed ovens and parabolic ovens.

Parabolic ovens like the GOSUN solar oven work on the principle of concentration and reflection of the sun’s rays. This is a portable and versatile outdoor oven and portable stove that is ideal for outdoor activities.

Weighing just two pounds and folding up into an easy-carry case, you can use it to cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes with temperatures up to 550°F in full sunlight. This oven is designed to capture a broad spectrum of sunlight, and is particularly effective in capturing UV light, with a glass tube oven, two parabolic reflectors, and stainless steel cooking tray.

The Sport’s tubular design converts nearly 80% of the sunlight entering the refectories into heat, while the reflectors focus the sun’s rays for maximum efficiency.

3. Solar lighters

The sun can also be used as a sustainable substitute for gas to power a lighter – one of the more underrated solar home products out there, but likely one of the most useful! Solar lighters like the Suncase solar lighter provide a way to light your campfire in a pinch. This lighter uses three parabolic mirrors in order to concentrate the sun’s rays and achieve ignition in three seconds in full sun.

Another advantage of this solar lighter is that it’s waterproof and windproof, unlike conventional lighters. You can pack the lighter down to a pocket-sized package of just over an inch thick, making it one of the most highly portable solar home products on our list.

4. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic way to listen to your favorite tunes at the beach, by the pool, when sailing, or anytime you’re outside! They’re one of the best solar home products to buy as a gift too! By choosing solar-powered speakers, you’ll never have to worry about the party stopping because you’ve run out of battery.

Many solar bluetooth speakers are waterproof, so suitable for any outdoor situation, and some even double as USB chargers for your smartphone or tablet, so you can keep your music source charged at the same time.

This Bluetooth Speaker from ABFOCE offers 15 hours of run time and rich stereo bass sound which is far superior to any smartphone speaker. It has a built-in monocrystalline silicon solar panel that will give you 30 minutes of playtime for every half hour it charges in full sun, with wall outlet charging available as a backup.

5. Solar toys

Sunny weather is the perfect time to encourage your kids to play outside, and introduce them to solar energy at the same time with solar toys like the Pica Toys Wooden Solar Wireless Remote Control Car.

Kids aged 8-12 years will love to build their own remote control car with this kit, which comes with detailed instructions. They’ll learn all about solar at the same time, as the car has three power modes: battery-powered, solar-powered, and a hybrid of both.

Another cool option is this 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit, which can be used to build 12 different adorable robots.

6. Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks are one of the more functional solar home products on the market – built to be useful rather than fashionable. However, some of them combine function and design to create something pretty stylight, like this 7W Solar Backpack from ECEEN. This solar backpack will let you charge your cell phone or other devices with a built-in, lightweight solar panel on the back of the bag. It’s fitted with high-efficiency, 7-watt solar panels that provide power via a 5V USB port.

The panel can charge a tablet in around eight hours on a sunny day, or a smartphone in as little as three hours. It’s ideal for hiking, cycling, trekking, or anytime when you’re spending lots of time outside and want to keep your devices charged.

7. Solar power bank

Solar phone chargers and power banks are excellent solar home products that provide you with a way to charge your devices while you’re on the go, or simply want to power your phone or tablet with renewable energy.

best solar phone chargers

For example, this Qi Solar Charger can charge phones and tablets as well as acting as an LED flashlight. IPX5 rated water resistant, it takes six hours to charge in full sunlight and can charge a phone multiple times.

Another great option is Big Blue’s highly portable 28-Watt Solar Charger. It has four high efficiency and weather-resistant solar panels that fold down into the size of a tablet and weighs just over a pound.

Despite its small size and weight, you can use it to charge up to three devices at the same time, through its three separate USB charging ports, all with protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection.

For even more power, this Portable Power Station can charge up to eight devices: so you can plug in your laptop, TV, mini-fridge, and coffee maker. You can to connect the power stations to solar panels (not included) or plug in to mains electricity.

8. Solar-powered security cameras

Using solar to power your security cameras means they’re completely independent, meaning that if there’s a power outage your power won’t be compromised. This is also a great solution for installing cameras in spots without easy access to power.

This Solar HD Security Camera works in rain or shine, purely off solar power and can be connected to other ring cameras and devices, allowing you to watch your entire home security system in one place. It’s also compatible with WIFI and Amazon Alexa, and can work 24/7 even when the sun isn’t out, with backup battery storage.

9. Solar camping accessories

When camping, RVing, or offgrid, solar home products really come into their own – as relying on the sun’s energy is the way to go.

A solar-powered lantern like this Crush Light from Goal Zero is an easy and useful way to get light when camping or hiking. The collapsible solar-powered lantern can produce 60 lumens and up to 35 hours of runtime when fully charged via its built-in solar panel.

You can collapse the lantern down to just over half an inch to carry in your backpack or a fully-loaded RV, and even offers six different color modes and multi-color fade for an extra fun ambiance at your campsite!

solar showers at the campsite
With solar shower, you can enjoy warm water anywhere during a sunny day.
Source: Flickr / Eli Duke

Solar products can also help you keep food and beverages chilled when camping, with a solar refrigerator. There are a range of solar-powered fridges with large capacities, and many are also portable, so ideal for the great outdoors.

Our top pick is the Whynter FM-45G 45-Quart Portable Refrigerator, which will accommodate 60 beverage cans in a compact 23.5 x 16.5 x 20.5 inch size. Compatible with both 12/24V DC and 110V AC power, you can connect it to a solar panel, car battery, or plug it into mains electricity.

A solar shower can also be very handy to have with you when camping or traveling – this piece of kit means you can have the luxury of a warm shower even when you’re in the middle of nowhere! We love the Advanced Elements Summer Shower, which can quickly heat up to three gallons of water using just the power of the sun.

In direct sunlight, the shower can heat the full capacity of water up to 110 degrees in under three hours, and you can monitor this through its easy-to-read temperature gauge. When you’ve finished showering, simply roll it up and pop it in your backpack!

10. Solar computer accessories

Computers may be the last thing you think of when it comes to solar home products, and indeed it takes a few solar panels to power a desktop PC, but you can easily run your computer accessories on solar power with the right product.

This Logitech Wireless Keyboard will charge from any light source, from direct sunlight to indoor lighting. The mouse is not solar-powered, but the batteries included will power it for up to three years!

When fully-charged, the keyboard lasts three months and at just 1/3 inch thick it is highly-portable.

11. Solar weather radio

A solar weather radio is one of the more useful solar home products on this list, great in case of natural disasters, as well as for hiking and camping. This Mesqool Emergency Radio not only offers AM/FM radio and shortwave radio functions, but also LCD light, charging via USB port, and SOS and NOAA alerts.

You can charge the device with solar power, or use three AAA batteries for backup power, with plenty of extra features such as headphone input and wrist strap for portability.

12. Solar flashlights

Solar flashlights are another versatile and very useful solar product in a range of situations, not just for camping and hiking, but also keeping in your car for emergencies, or at home in case of blackouts and natural disasters. 

Solar flashlights typically have a solar panel to charge an inbuilt battery, so light is available whenever you need it, and many have a range of different lighting modes as well as emergency features.

Case in point is the NPET USB Rechargeable Solar Flashlight, with seven different modes, including high-beam flashlight, flashing, side white, and side red lights, including a focused beam that can project light up to 700 feet away. Thanks to the powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight, you can attach it to any metallic surface and use it as an effective, work, camping, or emergency light.

You can charge the 2000mAh battery in the sun in 30 hours for up to seven hours of light, with a backup USB charging option. Shock and water-resistant, the flashlight comes with extra built-in tools for emergencies, including a window-breaking tool, seat belt cutter, and compass.

Final thoughts on solar home products

Whether you’re trying to replace as much of your energy use as possible with renewable alternatives like solar, need an independent power source when outdoors, or both, there are solar home products for virtually every situation.

From solar phone chargers and flashlights to camping and garden equipment, you can enjoy light, music, and more powered by the sun’s energy, with no need for replaceable batteries or mains electricity.

If you’re interested in learning more about solar energy, take a look at our guides to solar panel size, flexible solar panels, and solar panel wiring.

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