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When you think about environmentally problematic items you use in your home, products like deodorant and baby diapers probably come to mind. But what about candles?

The main ingredient in most candles, paraffin wax, is a hydrocarbon material that can damage the environment, as well as being potentially toxic. Thankfully, there are alternatives.

Our favorite eco friendly candles and where to buy them

Traditional paraffin-based candles are harmful to the environment, potentially dangerous for your health and are made from by-products of petroleum, a fossil fuel and non-renewable resource.

A much safer and more eco-friendly option is to buy candles made from alternative, non-toxic materials: we’ve listed our 12 favorites below!

1. P F Candle Co.

The PF Candle Co. makes candles from 100% soy wax that is vegan, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Their products are hand-poured into stunning glass jars with apothecary-inspired designs.

P F Candle Co. - Golden Coast eco friendly candle

Each jar also comes with a Kraft paper label and a brass lid, so that you can easily repurpose it after your candle is finished. Our favorite is their Golden Coast candle that is scented with natural eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo.

As well as coming in zero-waste jars, these eco friendly candles are paraben-free and phthalate-free, so are better for your health. Additionally, the wax is made from US-grown soy, is not tested on animals during manufacturing and the candle comes with a natural cotton-core wick.

2. Vellabox

Vellabox offers a subscription service of all-natural, sustainable candles, delivered monthly to your door. They offer three different box sizes, with the smallest starting at $10 per month for a box full of artisan candles made from natural ingredients.

Vellabox candles home page

Each box is carefully curated for the season, so you receive a different combination of seasonal scents every month. The candles come from a range of different US-based small-batch candle makers that emphasize natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

3. Eco Earth

EcoEarth makes candles from imported, vegan German soy wax in zero-waste glass jars. The candle wicks are made from cotton and are lead-free, so you don’t need to worry about the smoke damaging your health.

Each candle will burn cleanly for 40 to 45 hours.

This Eco Earth deluxe gift set contains six full-size (six ounce) candles, each scented with US-made essential oils ideal for stress relief. The relaxing scents are cinnamon clove, jasmine bloom, lavender flower, ocean breeze, sandalwood, and wild mint.

4. Slow North

Slow North is a sustainable candle brand that uses soy wax because it is biodegradable, renewable, and long-burning. Each candle is scented with natural essential oils and are free from chemicals.

Slow North Eucalyptus and Lavender candle

The candles are housed in zero-waste glass tumblers that are made in the USA. Each tumbler is topped with a sustainably-sourced cork lid that makes it easy to repurpose as a container once the candle is finished.

Their Eucalyptus and Lavender candle will help you breathe easier thanks to invigorating eucalyptus and relaxing lavender essential oils.

5. Cabinite

Cabinite makes handmade, sustainable candles from coconut and apricot wax. Our favorite is Snowy Silence from their log cabin collection, which has a cool frontier vibe.

It is scented with musk, vetiver, lotus, and wonder, with more than 55 hours of burn time. The candle also has a unique wooden wick that is not only sustainable, but makes a crackling sound just like a campfire.

Each product comes in a low-waste printed glass container and is shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, these candles are made in the USA, so you won’t need to worry about too many carbon miles to ship the product to your door.

6. Sanari Candle

Sanari Candle is a US-based brand that makes eco-friendly candles in small batches in California. The brand name is inspired by founder Rebecca’s two children, Aria and Sanam, whose names mean “air” and “love” respectively. Sanari Trentino candle is one of our favorite choices.

Sanari Trentino candle

The candles are made by hand from vegan coconut and soy wax. Each candle also comes in a reusable wine glass or whisky tumbler, helping you to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Each candle is infused with organic essential oils for delicious and stimulating scents of cinnamon bark, vanilla bean, and clove. Best of all, the wax is made from non-GMO coconut and soy, both certified organic, sustainably-harvested, and fair trade.

7. Yoke

Yoke produces sustainable self-care tools aimed to promote holistic health, balance and vitality. These include not only eco friendly candles but also perfume oils, incense, meditation tools, and personal care products.

Yoke scented eco friendly candles

Their candles are made from coconut and soy wax blend with lead-free cotton wicks. They also come in zero-waste, reusable containers such as brass cups.

We particularly love their Intention wellness candle that is infused with sage, lavandin (hybrid lavender), and orange essential oils.

8. Three Inches High

Three Inches High candles are made from soy wax that is processed by hand and without chemicals. The candles also have dual-layer, wooden wicks that burn longer and cleaner than traditional candles and creates instant ambiance with its gentle, crackling sound.

Three Inches High Pendulum candle

We particularly love their Pendulum candle that comes in a reusable glass container, with mysterious scents of frankincense and myrrh. The brand also offers delicious scents such as pepper and vetiver, as well as woody cedar.

9. Park Avenue

Park Avenue Eco Candles are made in the USA from essential oils and other natural ingredients. Their coconut, soy, and veggie wax blend is free from paraffin and sulfates so it is non-toxin and non-carcinogenic.

The candles also have cotton wicks that do not contain lead.

This set of three Eco Aroma candles contains three different aromatic blends: balsam and cedar, Mediterranean citrus, and lemongrass and citronella. The latter is also an effective, natural way of repelling mosquitoes.

10. Evermore London

Evermore candles are made from rapeseed, another sustainable, vegan wax that is poured by hand in the USA. The wax is also phthalate-free to give you a clean burn.

evermore london venus candle

Their Venus Candle is a combination of soft floral scents and velvet musk, amber and indulgent tuberose. It comes in a beautiful black recycled glass candle holder that can be reused in multiple ways.

11. Octo

Octo makes all of their soy wax candles by hand from high-quality, natural ingredients. Their products are not only sustainable, but also entirely vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Octo Sweater Weather candle

The candles are scented with pure essential oils and use natural cotton or wooden wicks, and are guaranteed to be free of chemicals. Their hand-poured candles are designed to burn cleaner and longer than traditional candles.

Their Sweater Weather candle is perfect for keeping you cozy on a cold day, with its warm and comforting blend of pine, ylang-ylang, and clove essential oils. It comes in a reusable glass jar with a metal lid and, like all Octo’s candles, ships in a recycled cardboard box.

12. 42 Pressed

42 Pressed makes beautiful hand-printed designs of all kinds, from prints and stationery to candles. Their candles are made from 100% American-grown soy wax and feature unique printed labels.

42 Pressed Coast candle

We particularly love their Coast candle which is inspired by coastal landscapes with notes of salt, bergamot, sea grass, and kelp. It comes in frosted glass jar with a handmade label and a foiled lid and packaged in a white cotton bag that makes it perfect for gifting.

Final thoughts

Buying eco friendly candles will not only mean that you’re looking after the environment, but your health too. Traditional candles are made from toxic and potentially carcinogenic materials like paraffin wax and chemical fragrances.

Luckily there are now a wide range of candles made from natural materials such as soy or coconut wax and scented with safe and aromatic essential oils. Many of these also come in reusable containers so you can minimize you waste and get a useful glass or container at the same time!

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