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Our SolarEdge review brings you deep insight into the products of one of the best smart energy companies.

SolarEdge Review 2022: What products are best to consider?

SolarEdge Technologies is one of the world’s fastest-growing solar inverter manufacturers. Ranked as the third largest inverter manufacturer globally (behind electronic giants Huawei and Sungrow), this company is definitely the best in class.

When it comes to SolarEdge history, this global leader in smart energy technology has been on the market since 2006.

They continuously show significant growth, as well as financial strength and stability. All of the above, with a combination of cutting-edge technology, makes SolarEdge a favorite partner for many industry-leading integrators, installers and other energy market participants.

However, the company is unique, as they do not follow the conventional manufacturing of string solar inverters.

They would rather use power optimizers to maximize power generation, each at the individual panel level.

These will help you conserve more energy and operate more efficiently with your power generation systems.

At the same time, they reduce the cost of energy produced by the PV system.

In other words, SolarEdge produces intelligent inverter solutions while changing the way power is harvested.

So, what are the top SolarEdge products that you need to know about?

SolarEdge brings a wide range of extremely useful and smart energy-oriented products that you need to consider.

Their excellent engineering capabilities and amazing focus on innovations make SolarEdge legit but also a leading PV inverter manufacturer.

Let’s dive into the future with these top SolarEdge products.

SolarEdge Review: Inverters

Single Phase Inverters with HD-Wave Technology

The world of solar inverters definitely changed after SolarEdge appeared on the market with its single-phase inverters with HD-wave technology. Specially designed, single-phase inverters work well with all SolarEdge power optimizers.

They also offer a standard 12-year warranty that is extendable to 20 or 25 years. However, these amazing products offer much more than just an impressive warranty period. There is a reason why SolarEdge continues to be one of the best solar inverters out there.

This SolardEdge review brings you all the key benefits:

As solar inverters with HD-wave technology cover a wide range of sizes, they are available from 2.5kW to 10kW, which are single-phase. The company complied with the terms and conditions and removed the display screen to increase life expectancy and to help reduce the possibility of faults.

Single-phase inverters are highly reliable due to lower heat dissipation.

They are not only functional DC-optimized PV inverters but also manage system energy, battery storage, and smart energy products.

These single-phase inverters are designed by using a power conversion technology that is based on powerful DSP processing as well as distributed switching. Accordingly, inverters are even smaller and much lighter. It is surely a great thing if someone wants to install them by himself.

By synthesizing the clean sine wave, inverters also reduce heavy cooling elements and magnetics. They have achieved an enormous 99% weighted efficiency, which allows more energy production.

Furthermore, the SolarEdge power optimizer handles separately voltage management and Maximum Power Point Tracking for each solar panel, so they managed to achieve that the single-phase inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. The result is a more effective, reliable and simpler solar inverter.

SolarEdge’s single-phase inverters contain advanced safety features, including integrated art fault protection. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Keep in mind that single-phase inverters also have a smart new commissioning method.

You can be done it directly through the mobile phone by using the SetApp mobile application. Find more info about the SetApp here.

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Single Phase Inverters with Compact Technology

SolarEdge took care to meet the needs of homes with limited roof space by presenting their useful single-phase inverters with compact technology.

This type of converter is a cost-effective DC-optimized inverter that makes a great solution for small rooftop systems.

It is also suitable for social housing projects or for those who want to meet the minimum sustainability requirements.

Specially designed for rooftop systems of 4-8 modules, they work on the principle that includes a single power optimizer with four Maximum Power Point Trackers. This way, the inverter harvests more energy from each module.

However, new single-phase inverters with compact technology work exclusively with the M2640 power optimizer.

Wall-mounted inverters are also available and are amazingly compact, extremely lightweight and easy to install. You can find them in 1kW, 1.5kW, and 2kW sizes.

Keep in mind that two different options are available, depending on project requirements. For maximum cost-effectiveness, SolarEdge brings you a basic and an extended inverter.

Basic inverters are ideal for all those installations where you don’t need monitoring connectivity. For installations requiring monitoring connectivity, an extended inverter is an option.

It comes with built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet, while additional connectivity options may be purchased separately. If you opt for this extra investment, we recommend you cellular plug-ins and ZigBee.

Moreover, with the ZigBee plug-in, you will also get a connection to smart energy products and meters. As you read in this SolarEdge review, it is definitely a good option to consider.

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Three Phase Inverters

For all those who are searching for a combination of digital control technology and power conversion, SolarEdge Review brings an efficient solution. Three-phase inverters are designed to achieve a quality gathering of solar power while providing the best reliability.

As in the case of single-phase inverters, these tools are also under a 12-year warranty that is extendable to 20 or 25 years.

Regardless of the panels in a string thanks to fixed-voltage technology, three-phase inverters always work on their optimal input voltage. It’s definitely not a small thing considering different environmental conditions and the amount of saved energy.

The makers made sure to integrate a property data-monitoring receiver into the inverter, which means you will have all the info on power optimizer performances from each PV panel. All this information is easy to transmit to the web.

They are also highly accessible via the SolarEdge monitoring platform in charge of error detection, troubleshooting and performance analysis.

Three-phase inverters are designed to work well with all SolarEdge power optimizers. They are also suitable for outdoor or indoor installations. Moreover, due to their lightweight and small size, they are easy to install.

When it comes to residential installations, SolardEdge’s three-phase inverters are unavoidable. By using these inverters instead of multiple single-phase inverters, you will enable simple and cost-effective installations. They are available in sizes 5kW, 7kW, and 8kW. Moreover, Internet connection through wireless connectivity or Ethernet is also provided.

It is good to know that this kind of inverter solution meets the requirements of the maximum array voltage for domestic dwellings as per AS/NZS5033:2014, clause 3.1.

In this case, too, the SetApp mobile application is on your service.

SolarEdge Review: Power Optimizers

In the solar energy industry, optimizers are generally known as MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics). As the name suggests, they consist of numerous electronic power conversion units connected directly to solar panels.

These kinds of optimizers are specially designed for different types of installation and panels.

They also offer a wide range of benefits, which will be explained in this SolarEdge review.

Power Optimizer Module Add-On

This type of power optimizer is a DC/DC converter that is connected to each solar module. The main goal is to transform them into smart modules and to reach huge energy savings. Their work is based on increasing the energy output from PV systems.

They are also constantly monitoring the maximum power point of each module and track performance of it. After collecting all the data, power optimizers transform the info on the SolarEdge monitoring platform all in favor of one goal. Cost-effective and module-level maintenance.

Another great thing about these power optimizers is that each of them is equipped with the unique SafeDC feature. In other words, each power optimizer has a tool for reducing DC voltage to a safe level whenever the power or inverter is shut down.

The exception is if the power optimizer is connected to a StorEdge back-up model inverter.

As they are designed to cope with extreme environmental conditions, they leave the impression of safety and reliability. For all those who are interested in numbers, here it is.

An incredible 99.5% peak efficiency and 98.8% weighted efficiency are sufficient proof of quality. The numbers definitely speak in their favor, right?

When it comes to MPPT per module, it allows flexible installation. Multiple tilts and orientations, as well as different module types in the same string, are other benefits of working with SolarEdge inverters.

As you already know, inverters are connected with power optimizers, so in this case, SolarEdge power optimizers maintain a fixed string voltage. That works perfectly for installers who now have more flexibility with stronger wires and strings of different lengths.

In order to design an optimal PV system, this is a win-win situation.

All SolarEdge power optimizers work well with thin-film, c-Si, and high current modules (including bi-facial!). They also have a 25-year guarantee.

It’s good to know that SolarEdge provides advanced, real-time measurements. If you want a quicker installation, go for a frame-mounted. It is also available in advance. Feel free to contact them for any further information.

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A man istalling power optimizers

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Embedded Power Optimizer for Smart Modules

The SolarEdge review explains another amazing tool: an embedded power optimizer.

By replacing the standard junction box on a PV panel, these optimizers create smart modules, which produce more power.

However, they also help to simplify purchasing and inventory management, as well as site logistics and manufacturing. The result is a huge reduction in labor costs, which is something every business wants to achieve.

These smart modules come with module-level power electronics that increase safety and power harvesting. On the other hand, their detachable design enables easy serviceability, just as they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Each embedded power optimizer for smart modules has a thermal separation between bypass diodes and the power optimizer itself. They also have an easier connection and verification for reduced cycle time.

Furthermore, for maximum benefit, smart modules can operate with third-party inverters.

In this case, it is necessary to use SolarEdge’s independent optimization technology also known as IndOP. IndOP allows them to operate with any inverter but also requires no additional interface hardware.

When purchasing the products, you will also get a 25-year warranty and advanced, real-time performance measurements.

SolarEdge Review: Monitoring Platform

Even though the monitoring platform can’t be bought on Amazon like other top SolarEdge products, it is important to mention it in this SolarEdge review.

The platform provides better PV performance monitoring while making sure that fault detections and alerts are discovered at the module level, string and system levels.

You don’t need wiring or hardware to transmit data from the power optimizers to inverters.

The SolarEdge power optimizer and solar inverter already have built-in monitoring sensors and transmitters. This way, the sensors transfer the measurement data over the regular power lines. Could it be any easier?

SolarEdge review explains why monitoring platform is important

Here is the SolarEdge Overview of all the benefits available by using this amazing platform:

  • Free for 25 years
  • Easy access from the computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Multiple options for social sharing and public display to drive referrals
  • Automatic alerts on system issues
  • Remote troubleshooting and access to a real-time system
  • High-resolution data with comparative analysis diagnostics
  • Data presented at the system level, string level, and module level
  • Visualization of PV production, self-consumption, and building-consumption
  • Full visibility of your system’s technical and financial performances (interactive charts and site layouts included!)
  • Site-level and fleet-level reporting and analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports

As you can see, the advantages of using SolarEdge platforms are numerous.

The best part about it? You can easily download it through Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

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SolarEdge Review: EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

SolarEdge brings you the world’s First 2-in-1 EV charger and solar inverter! This fantastic tool allows you to charge your electric vehicles directly from the power of the sun.

It’s not only an efficient solution for maximizing solar usage but also for reducing electricity bills. Optimizing the usage of renewable energy was never such an easy thing to do!

This small, lightweight inverter is easy to install and has a record-breaking 99 % efficiency. A high-quality HD-Wave technology powers its reliability.

After installing the SolarEdge’s EV charging inverter, you’ll get up to 2.5 faster charging than by using a standard EV charger. SolarEdge monitoring platform will also be at your service, providing you full visibility and control.

This way, all homeowners can track their control vehicle charging or check their charging status. You will get a total insight into charging duration, charging energy or info about tracking solar, EV, and grid consumption.

Onwards, remote operations are available due to the mobile app. Turn the charging on or off with one simple click!

Here you can learn more about EV Charging Single Phase Inverter activation and configuration.

See these other best EV charging stations to consider for your home.

SolarEdge Best Sellers

These are some of SolarEdge’s best selling products.

SolarEdge Review: Most common SolarEdge problems

If you ask yourself if there are any common problems that can appear while using these SolarEdge top products, the answer is yes.

Shading is one of the most common SolarEdge problems when it comes to rooftop solar installations and string inverters. However, the company optimized the system and found the solution.

When one or more panels are in the shade, even if it’s only partly, the other panels compensate for the shaded panel/s. At the same time, they don’t affect the output of the other panels in the string.

Some of the other minor problems that can occur are panel damage or mismatch due to hot spots or water ingress. Soiling as a result of bird droppings, dust or snow.

A thermal mismatch can also appear at different times of the day. Then there are potential voltage and current leaking issues that can be difficult to assess without using specialized equipment.

However, the SolarEdge system has individual panel monitoring, which makes it much easier to identify problems as they appear.

All network connect systems globally, which means monitoring platform will easily handle and resolve any problems.

That is the main thing that makes using these top SolarEdge products so easy and simple. Always-present technical support is worth the gold.

SolarEdge's smart modules

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If you decide to buy one of those top SolarEdge products or you already have experience with one of those products, feel free to share your impressions.

Let us know what you think about this SolarEdge review. We’d love to hear from you!

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