Flipper Energy Review - Is It Worth The Switch

Flipper Energy can be a beneficial way to save money on energy. Our Flipper Energy review highlights everything you need to know about this energy switching service.

Flipper Energy Review: Is It Worth It to Switch?

Energy bills are the expenses that drain most of your funds. Hence, when someone says that you can save a good amount on your energy bills, the idea looks quite enticing. This is what most of the energy switching sites are offering.

In order to seek the advantage of these companies, you have to provide all your personal information such as name, residence address, email and other similar details. After getting the services of a switching company, you can just relax by knowing that you are paying the lowest electricity or gas charges.

In fact, people how are concerned about their energy bills, usually try to switch to the cheapest energy suppliers. This is what a flipping or switching service will do for you.

At least, this is the promise that most of these services make to their prospective customers.

In this article, we are going to offer a Flipper Energy review. We will analyze that how beneficial this switching or flipping company is for the consumer.  Not only this, but we will also discuss the Flipper Energy pros and cons as well.

To start with, let’s take a look at how Flipper Energy works.

How does Flipper work?

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To keep it simple, the Flipper Energy switching service allows the consumer to save some money by automatically switching to the cheapest energy supplier. With a view to getting the services, you need to provide your existing tariff, fuel usage patterns, postcode and payment details.

After this, the company will look for the supplier that offers the best deal and automatically switch you to that supplier. This is a continuous process where the Flipper Energy keeps on monitoring the market and when they find a substantial price difference, they flip your energy supplier.

According to different switching companies, you may save up to £350 a year or more (depending on the consumption). After flipping your energy supplier, you will receive an email from the Flipper Energy.

In addition, people can monitor their meter readings through smart meters. This makes things much easier for the consumer.

Flipper Energy claims that they are not a comparison website. Rather, they are an energy switching service, which takes care of all your worries associated with the energy bills. If this company is doing the same thing that others are already offering, then why chose Flipper Energy.

According to the resources and advertisements, we have come to know that Flipper Energy doesn’t take any kind of commission from energy suppliers.

Moreover, this company doesn’t flip the customers after the first deal ends but continue flipping throughout the year for the best deals.

If this is true that Flipper isn’t taking any kind of commission from suppliers, it may suggest that they act impartially when looking for the cheapest energy. In this way, consumers can get the lowest gas and electricity tariffs.

Below are some of the other ways in which Flipper Energy serves its consumers.

Calculated and Precise Switching

After analyzing the data from your bill, Flipper calculates your overall savings. In this way, the saving amount is calculated in an accurate and precise manner. As a result, the switching company can flip you to the most appropriate supplier for the right deal.

Flipper Energy has a wide range of suppliers & tariffs on their list. Since they don’t take a commission, almost every supplier is willing to work with this flipping service.

However, the company doesn’t choose a supplier, who has poor customer service or been involved in overbilling.

Managing the Flips

The best part of this switching company is the fact that you will be relieved from the hassle of energy comparison and looking for the best deals.

On the contrary, you can just relax and sit back, as Flipper Energy is going to handle all the matters with the supplier.

It helps you to save your precious time and use it for other productive tasks.

Continuous Monitoring

The flipping site will continue to monitor the energy rates offered by different suppliers. This ensures that you can get gas and electricity at the lowest price for the whole month.

You will get a notification when the company flips a supplier.

The flipping is done only when there are chances of saving more than £50/yr. The Flipper algorithm can calculate this amount within a few seconds.

Flipper Energy Advantages

Just like any other switching companies, the basic theme behind the working of Flipper Energy is almost the same. However, their way of flipping or switching is quite different. This makes the company somewhat different from the rest when it comes to consumer benefits.

To discuss this in detail, we have included some of the major Flipper Energy Pros or advantages.

Guaranteed Savings

The membership fee for obtaining the Flipper Energy Switching Service costs £30/year. However, the company offers a guarantee to ensure some serious savings for you. The switching company utilizes an intelligent algorithm known as Joules. This program locates the best deals after searching for the market.

In fact, Flipper takes advantage of the unique information that comes from your bill data. It is a great way to save smarter. This is a personalized service, which nobody is offering except Flipper.

The company doesn’t take into account the usage estimates or assumptions, rather it takes actual data from the bills and calculate how much saving a consumer can make annually. Read more about prepaid electricity plans.

Pay the Fee after you Start Saving

With Flipper Energy, you don’t need to pay the fee until you start saving. This means that Flipper is so sure about getting a great deal for its customers that it refrain from charging you any fee unless you start saving some considerable amount.

The minimum amount of guaranteed saving is £50. This amount excludes the exit fees that a supplier charger when you switch.

Savings Algorithm

When Flipper switches its customer to better tariffs round the year, it not only takes into account your savings but some other factors. This helps the flipping site to get the best deal. The advanced algorithm used by Flipper works intelligently. It considers both the switching times and exit fees when flipping an energy supplier. It helps to maximize the potential savings of a consumer.

When Joules (algorithm) is looking for a new deal that can save a lot in term of energy bills, it also calculates whether you should flip immediately or wait for some more time. This helps the consumer in a dual manner.

First, you can save the exit fee by waiting for the deal to end with an existing supplier. Secondly, you can choose various other choices when you are ready to flip.

If Joules considers that you can save a lot even after paying the exit fee, it will flip you to another supplier immediately.

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Better than Price Comparison Sites

Flipper Energy offers some great services that you are not supposed to get from the price comparison sites. As stated earlier that Flipper doesn’t take any commission from the suppliers, it keeps the interest of its customer in the first place.

Hence, this company can provide an unbiased overview of the market.

As the customers start saving, it will pass the amount directly to them.

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Hassle-Free Flipping

When it comes to switching the energy suppliers, Flipper takes all the hassle away from its customers. The process doesn’t require any kind of documentation or paperwork.

After sing in, you need to provide some simple detail online. This is your first step towards lowering your energy bills and start earning back some cash in terms of savings.

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Best Customer Service

Flipper Energy is always ready to respond to any kind of query. The customer service helps to take care of your flipping activities. The customer care representative listens calmly and provides necessary assistance from beginning to end.

A wide range of Flipper reviews suggests that the customer service of this company is surely at par.

Hence, with Flipper Energy, changing your energy supplier is a smooth and hassle-free affair.

Flipping Energy Disadvantages

Although we have mentioned a lot of good things about Flipper Energy and services offered by this switching company, there are some flaws too.

To know the Flipper Energy Cons, just continue reading the section given below.

  • Customers might end up paying more if the supplier fails to provide continuous energy. This may also include poor customer service, which adds more hardships if there is an energy breakout.
  • In most of the cases, people can save on their own by switching to different energy suppliers. If you are good at making appropriate switching decision, you can save more amount than offered by any switching company including Flipper Energy.
  • While using the Flipper Energy switching service, you will have to hand over the control of your household bills. This is pretty scary, as you are giving your billing data to an outside company, which is likely to give such details to the advertisers and make profits.
  • Although there are numerous suppliers that offer cheapest deals, switching companies don’t bother to take them on their panel. The basic reason for this is the inability of these to pay the inducements to such switching companies.

Flipper Energy Comparison With Other Services

We do believe that it is possible to save money by comparing the rates of different energy suppliers. However, it is not an easy task to get the best deal without making a perfect comparison.

This is the area where switching companies like Flipper Energy serve the purpose. Indeed, Flipper is capable of analyzing a variety of deals that may suit a particular customer. By taking into account the switching fee it helps the customer to save some additional amount by choosing the right time to switch.

On the contrary, comparison sites like uSwitch, CompareTheMarket.com, GoCompare.com, Confused.com, and MoneySuperMarket.com, doesn’t provide you the in-depth information about the right time to switch and where to find the best deal.

For instance, uSwitch does savings calculation base on the assumptions. Flipper calculates such a saving by analyzing the billing data. Comparison sites allow you to switch only to limited suppliers who pay them a commission.

Hence, it’s not always guaranteed that you are getting the best deal. However, when you use Flipper, you will be sure that this site is not taking any type of commission from the energy suppliers.

Therefore, it only deals with those energy suppliers, who offer the lowest rates and best services.

From the above discussion, it is now clear that comparison companies are less functional when it comes to providing maximum benefit to their consumers.

So, Flipper Energy is a smart choice if you want to save a good amount out of your energy bills.

Conclusion on Flipper Energy Review

By taking into consideration all the information provided in this Flipper Energy review; one can easily ascertain that there is some degree of benefit associated with this switching site. The fact that flipper doesn’t accept any kind of commission from the energy suppliers, attracts the attention of various consumers.

In fact, this relates to customer satisfaction and reliability. If a company is giving equal opportunity to each of its consumers, this means the company is loyal to everyone.

Hence, saving isn’t just the only thing that connects a company with its customers.

Therefore, Flipper Energy considers almost every single aspect before actually flipping the energy supplier to get the best deal.

The algorithm used by Flipper is amazing and takes into account the factors that can enhance the saving on a longterm basis. It also makes the whole process easy to understand and handle.

With the help of smart meters, you can easily monitor the daily usage and curtail the usage to minimize your billing expenses.

To conclude, Flipper Energy is a reliable switching company, which helps the consumers to switch energy supplier and make some substantial savings.

However, it’s up to you to decide whether your usage is enough to pay the annual fee of Flipper Energy. If your saving is less than the annual fee of £30, there is no point in using Flipper Energy Switching Service.

What do you think of our Flipper Energy review? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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